Annemarie Schimmel-1

Annemarie Schimmel – Who Loved Sindh and its Culture

  Being a lover of Sindh and Sindhi Culture, Annemarie Schimmel rendered valuable services for it. “Pearls from The Indus” is a good example in this regard. She was a multilingual scholar knowing German, English, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sindhi and other languages. Schimmel had worked on classical poetry of Sindhi poets and visited all […]

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Dad Ram Panjwani

Dada Ram Panjwani – who kept Sindhi language and culture alive in India

Homage to Prof. Dada Ram Panjwani – a legend in his life time – one of the greatest Sindhis, the Cultural Ambassador of Sindhis, who was responsible, perhaps more than any other Sindhi for keeping the language and culture alive in India Shri Ram Prataprai Panjwani was born on 20th November 1911 at Larkana in […]

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Bhangra in Barbados-6

Bhangra in Barbados – All about Sindhi customs

Bhangra in Barbados is all about Sindhi customs being practiced by Sindhi community settled in Caribbean Island. Blogger mentions especially an ancient custom datar, which has been handed down through generations of Sindhi Hindu families and has become a part of their Vedic wedding rituals. By Lavina Melwani, New York A mound of salt between […]

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