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WB Experts Review Project Progress at Sukkur and Guddu Barrages

WB Experts Review Project Progress at Sukkur and Guddu Barrages

Sindh govt. officials briefed the delegations on replacement of barrage gates and measures for protection of Indus Dolphins and other species 

Rehan Khan Khushik

Sukkur, Sindh

Two high level missions of World Bank and its Social Environment and Social Safeguards visited Sukkur Barrage on Thursday and held meetings with irrigation officials of Guddu and Sukkur Barrages and reviewed the progress of projects.

The WB mission reviewed the progress of replacement work of gates of the Sukkur Barrage while the other delegation discussed the measures taken for protection of Indus Dolphin and other species during the ongoing work of replacement of gates of the barrage.

WB Implementation Support Mission was led by Task Team leader, Water Resources Management Specialist Francois Onimus and Thiruni Liyanage co-Task Team Leader, while Social Safeguards mission was led by senior environmental specialist Takeaki Sato, Senior social development specialist, Imran-ul Haq.

WB-Mission-Sukkur-Barrage-Sindh-Courier-1Task Team leader, Water Resources Management Specialist Francois Onimus suggested to install Pinjar during construction activities in the river to protect endogenous Indus Blind Dolphins and other species and maintain environmental conditions of Dolphins Habitat and Flora Fauna.

He said that Dolphins management plan is an integral part of Environmental and Social Management plan in which care of blind dolphins Habitat and associated ecology of project area are also covered adequately.

World Bank Implementation Support Mission held the progress review meeting at office of the Chief Engineer Guddu Barrage at Sukkur.

During the meeting, Thiruni Liyanage, co-Task Team Leader of WB urged to expedite the rehabilitation work to meet the project timelines.

The WB mission reviewed the project implementation progress and issues to support smooth implementation of World Bank funded Sindh Barrages Improvement Project Guddu and Sukkur barrages.

WB-Mission-Sukkur-Barrage-Sindh-Courier-2Project Director, Sindh Barrage Improvement Project (SBIP) Ghulam Muhi Ddin Mughal briefed about the project activities done till date and hoped that it would completed in stipulated period.

He assured increasing the physical progress to save the time and cost.

The mission also reviewed the safeguards and fiduciary aspects of the project.

Project implementation consultant, Mott Macdonald international UK- based representative Carrie Eller briefing the World Bank mission said that ten gates and hoisting system at Guddu barrage has been installed delivered from Turkey and nine gates out of ten gates were completely operational. She said that remaining one gate was under progress.

Chief Engineer Guddu Barrage Mohammad Ishaq Abbasi said that replacement process of gates and hoisting system may be expedite before starting the flood season.

While, social safeguards mission, led by senior environmental specialist, Takeaki Sato, Senior social development specialist, Imran-ul Haq held meeting with officials of Wildlife department and irrigation officials at camp of office of contractor at Sukkur barrage.

Senior environmental specialist, Takeaki Sato urged that the waste management plan should be implemented at site for safe handling and disposal of waste material generated from construction activities to fulfill legal and contractual requirements.

WB-Mission-Sukkur-Barrage-Sindh-Courier-3Senior social development specialist, Imran-ul Haq has instructed to collect waste material from source /spot and after segregation it should be stored at designated storage area for final disposal.

Adnan Khan, Deputy Conservator Wildlife Department said that they have rescued 14 Indus Blind Dolphins from various canals and up and down stream of Guddu and Sukkur Barrages.

He said that through experts of his department, they were continuing the protection of Indus Blind Dolphins with coordination of SBIP.

They visited Rice canal from 0 RD to 25 RD and suggested to save disposal of de-silting material from rice canal.

The WB mission also visited the Sukkur Barrage and reviewed the progress of ongoing activities at Sukkur Barrage and modernization project progress.

They held meeting with Chinese contractor China Road and Bridge Corporation representatives.

The delegation reviewed work progress, environment and social management, work program including the design and fabrication of gates and hosting equipment, Cofferdam methodology and design.

Project Director Sindh Barrages Improvement Project, Ghulam Muhiudin Mughal, FAO Technical Assistance Project Manager Ahmed Junaid Memon, Deputy Project Director SBIP Sajid Ali Bhutto, Director Procurement Razak Memon, Technical Officer Imran Aziz Tunio, Director Procurement Planning and Development Sindh Government Fareeha Mahar and Fariaq Uqaili, environment specialist of planning and development also accompanied the World Bank mission. Fatah Memon, Zahida Mughal, Mumtaz Ghumro senior engineers of irrigation department also joined meeting.



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