Home World Literature When a Demon met Human Cruelty – A poem from India

When a Demon met Human Cruelty – A poem from India

When a Demon met Human Cruelty – A poem from India
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Once a demon planned to hurt a human being; he was a nasty and unkind demons’ king with an overly greed and hunting vision.

[author title=”Layeba Humanity” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Layeba-Humanity-India-Sindh-Courier.jpg”]Layeba Humanity, hailing from North India, is a bilingual poetess, writer and motivational speaker with English and Hindi languages. Making a mark among world literature with her compelling creations, she is member of World Nations Writers Union. Having done M.Sc. (Zoology) she worked as a teacher. She has been writing since her childhood and has raised social issues in writings for awareness. She also has worked at Radio. Now she has started YouTube channel of literature/motivation and is socially active on literature platforms. She has been a fighter against adversity and narrow views and encourages others too. She only believes in humanism, so she puts humanity after her name. [/author]


When a Demon met Human Cruelty

Once a demon planned

To hurt a human being

He was a nasty and

Unkind demons king

With an overly greed

And hunting vision,

He laughed and reached

The human region

But upon reaching

He saw something there

And he forgot to take

His flight’s next gear

Humans had crossed

All limits of being merciless.

Seeing this the demon

Killed his readiness

He wondered if humans

Persecute like this.

Really? Human break

Someone like this

He thought, at least

I don’t pretend to be nice.

I don’t show ignorance

Even though I’m wise

He had come to

Commit the crime

But himself became

Brutality’s witness

When he returned

To his monster land,

His eyes showed

Painful wetness

His people asked him

About human nature

He replied that humanity

Is on the stretcher

Of course they’ve won

And I’m lost.

Cause I couldn’t do

Like they do the worst

Who should be afraid?

They or me

Don’t know who the demons are?

They or me!