A Glimpse of Love – Poetry from India

Ananta Kumar Singh Ananta Kumar Singh is an Indian poet. He hails from the Bargarh Indian state of Odisha. He…

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The Lost Samarkand – Poetry from India

Came the death to Babar Kissed his forehead far in Delhi Samarkand was in his eyes Samarkand was on his…

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The Multi-Shell Prison We Live In

As a modern poet, Subhrasankar refuses norms. He is radical against fanatic people. It is easy for him to be…

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When a Demon met Human Cruelty – A poem from India

Once a demon planned to hurt a human being; he was a nasty and unkind demons’ king with an overly…

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Night of Storm – Poetry from India

As I lay by my window side, I remember the night that forecast a storm while I had already one…

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Contemporary World Literature – Poetry from India

Contemporary World Literature  Poetry from India By Khan Hasnain Aaqib Khan Hasnain Aaqib, renowned Indian poet, writer, translator and literary…

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