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Women attempt suicide more often

Women attempt suicide more often
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Being single, separation, divorce, gender-discrimination, domestic violence, abuse, bullying etc. are some of the suicide factors                

By Komal Zulfiqar Larik

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t – John Green, 2019

Suicide is very serious matter to be discussed as it means ending own life. It is sometimes considered a way for people to reduce pain or suffering. Thinking about suicide is very scary, however people may have strong feelings, which are hard to deal with.

When a person cannot see any solution to his/her issues, he/she commits suicide. Mostly youngsters think of committing suicide when they become hopeless. Sometimes students who are being bullied in schools and colleges, have such tendency. However, it has been observed that such tendency is more in women, as certain reports suggest that suicide rate is higher in women and such incidents are increasing day by day.

As per reports, the suicide rate in Sindh among females of over the age of 15 years was 33.22/100,000 per year while age-specific rate for 15-24 years was 61.07/100,000 per year. These figures are considerably higher than suicide rate in other parts of Pakistan and may be related to high psychiatric morbidity in Pakistani women.

What are the reasons for female suicide? Many of the females get in depression for domestic violence. From childhood to adulthood women are facing many issues which become cause for their suicide. The harassment, abuse and rape are the common causes. Abject poverty is also one of these factors.

There is an urgent need for more research on suicidal behavior in women, particularly in developing countries like Pakistan

According to the research, many suicide cases in women occur by gender discrimination. Women who commit suicide use less violent methods as a drug, poisoning, carbon monoxide and hanging than do man, who often use violent methods such as guns, hanging, jumping, and by using sharp weapons.

One of the most cited suicidal study observations is to be single (never been married) separation, divorce or widowed which pose a risk of suicide factor. The teen females are more likely to commit suicide by depression, anxiety, harassment, bullying, child-abuse, domestic violence, pregnancy, study issue, body shaming etc. Women are more likely than men to report suicidal ideation and attempts and to be hospitalized for suicide attempts and hence in terms of total burden of morbidity and mortality combined with the burden of female suicidal behavior is more than men.

Women’s greater vulnerability to suicidal behavior is likely to be due to gender-related vulnerability to psychopathology and to psychosocial stressors, social objective rather than a traditional exercise in the mental health sector.

There is an urgent need for more research on suicidal behavior in women, particularly in developing countries like Pakistan. If you think a family member or friend may be considering committing suicide tell them about your concern. You can start a conversation with them ask questions in non-judgmental and non-confrontational way, speak up and do not be afraid to ask directly like ‘are you thinking about suicide’.

During a conversation make sure to be calm, acknowledge that their feelings must be legitimate, and offer support and encouragement. Tell them that you are available to help them. Make sure to minimize their problems and do not make them feel a shaming; help them changing their mind.

Listening and showing support is the best way to help them, and also encourage them to seek professional help. Offer them fine healthcare, make a call or go with them to their first appointment. Caring about someone can be scary almost showing signs of suicide but it is important to act if you can help. Start saving the lives.

‘’Women attempt suicide more often because they want to become the priority of those, they love rather than always prioritizing them.”

— Warren Farrell


Komal Zulfiqar Larik is a student based in Nawabshah Sindh



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