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World’s first book on Sindhi Sarangi published in India

World’s first book on Sindhi Sarangi published in India
World's first ever book on Sindhi Sarangi

Co-authored by renowned Sindhi Sarangi players Ustad Lalu Khan and Rajesh Kumar Parasramani, the book contains 33 chapters.

Sindh Courier Report

Bilaspur, India

The world’s first book on Sindhi Sarangi, published by Dr. C. V. Raman University, Bilaspur, Chhatishgar State of India, was launched at a ceremony held at Sant Godadi Wale Baba Dham on Saturday.

Sindhi Sarangi is a very rare folk musical instrument and firstly crafted in Sindh province of Pakistan. The history of Sindhi Sarangi dates back to some 1500 years. Much later, it was widely accepted by Multan Gharana of Sarangi players and then it was introduced in India and other parts of the world.

Book Launching - Sindhi Sarangi - Sindh CourierThere are two main Gharana in Sindhi Sarangi – Sindhi Gharanaa and Multan Gharana. And every Gharana have their own Sindhi Sarangi pattern. The authors have given description of Gharanas and various playing techniques of Sindhi Sarangi.

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The book, written in Devnagri script of Sindhi language, has been co-authored by Ustad Lalu Khan Thaiyam and Rajesh Kumar Parasramani. Ustad Lalu Khan, whose ancestors had migrated to Rajasthan from Multan, is based in Jaisalmer and is famous Sindhi Sarangi maker and player. The ancestors of Rajesh Kumar had migrated to India from Sehwan town of Sindh. He was born to Kalyandas and Bhagwati Devi on June 26, 1985 of Dhili Rajra village of Chhatishgarh. Rajesh Kumar has recently done Ph.D. on Sindhi Sarangi. His thesis on Sindhi Sarangi is part of this book.

Book Launching - Rajesh Kumar- Sindh Courier
Rajesh Kumar Parasramani, one of the authors, speaking about the book

This book contains all parts of Sindhi Sarangi from making to playing and procurement also. The book consist 33 lessons in which authors have widely described every segment of Sindhi Sarangi.

This book would prove as encyclopedia of Sindhi Sarangi for young generation and the generations to come and could be used as reference for further studies on Sindhi Sarangi.

Book launching - A group photo - Sindh CourierDr. C. V. Raman University, Chhattisgarh’s first private university established in November 2006 in Bilaspur district, is expected to introduce a subject on Sindhi Sarangi, a musical instrument, from the month of August this year when the new academic session will begin.

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