You’re the engine of the education, You’re the key of transformation, You’re transforming ignorance to knowledge

Charles Lipanda MatengaCharles Lipanda Matenga, a young poet and writer, who was born in DR Congo, raised orphan and spent life in a refugee camp, shares his poetry
Charles Lipanda Matenga, was born and raised orphan at Rwenena Village, Uvira, Sud-Kivu, D.R Congo in 2005. Charles Lipanda Mahigwe is President of African Youth Artistic Poetry-AYAP. 


You’re the engine of the education

You’re the key of transformation

You’re transforming ignorance to knowledge

You’re driving our mindset to the bridge

You usually give us hope in desperation

Within you, we find foundation

You make us solve puzzles

Even though there are puddles

Down the soil to sole

Let’s take you to the Costa Del Sol

For today is your celebration

‘Tis unforgettable day and commemoration

Why should we not praise you

When you turn theory into practical

Like Jesus turned water into wine

You’re electrical

For you put everybody on line

You teach us simultaneously

Like the River Congo walking to Atlantic Ocean

You’re not preachers but you teach us to be good Christians

The Bible says, God blew breath into a man instantly

But you creatively insert education into our into our heart, soul and brain

You’re there for us to gain

Of course we’re basically taught at our home

But you usually show us that every road leads to Rome

We’re sheep

And you’re our shepherd

So we’re all here bowing

For this is not about gender or mission

But with the consistency

You’re the engine of the education

Happy teacher’s day, Happy teachers day, Happy teachers day

October 5th 2022


d85acae9fac9468abaa66b85277ee5d0I STILL HIDE YOU IN MY POETRY

You promised to never leave me

Your words were like sugar squashed in THOBWA

Your smile was the magnet

For it attracted me

And I fell in love

But without knowing that there was a big lie behind that smile


I was like Jesus on a cross

Your own voice pierces my hands and legs

‘Tis not a complaint but a complement

I’m not begging you to come back to me

For you’ve just walked away

And never looked back again

And I liked it

For it’s better that way

Because I was becoming ice, melting down

And I was like sand put in water

And only seen when I settled down


Where else should I hide you?

If not in my poetry

For I’m not a bad guy

Although people say that I don’t care too much

Damn, I respect my feelings

And I don’t want them to drain away

You and I made an alloy

And we vowed to never tear our ties apart


I don’t need you no more

For I’m afraid to be erased like writings on a paper

For I lately realized that you’re the eraser

But I still hide you in my poetry

For you should feel these feelings stained on my heart

I know that you’re not a cure

Although you pretended to be

I opened my heart like a book

And my wounds inside me were exposed for you to see

But despite of healing them

You kept torturing me on them


I thought you know love

But you knew nothing than acceptance and decline


Christian Jepsen-4163 (1)WHO’S BORN TO SUFFER?

Looking at the sky

Different colors swimming the sun

‘Tis very bright in my eyes

Unable to see twice

Coz this light is unbearable

It seems like it’s going to catch my thoughts

Then I ask you

Who’s born to suffer?


This question is hitting my spheres awkwardly

But rapidly and randomly like gas’ particles

I never know if a man is born to suffer or to heal

But inside me, there’s a voice like zephyr

Telling me “Life is struggling”

So living is precious

And people only exist and that’s all


The universe is wonderful

For if you try to look down this Earth

You’ll find that we people, no less than the trees and the stars,

Are suffering

Yet I don’t know too much

But I know this

That everybody is born to live and not to suffer

And death is our only passion

But before you die

Make sure you also heal the wounds of this world

For she’s bleeding inside her womb


The earth is the only woman

Who’s never been tired

Tired of the heavyweight of the atoms entangling on her wrist

But if I try to look outside there

I’ll probe that there are a lot of people who need help

Not only financially

But also your inspirations and courage


I’m not talking about money

For some of you are talented

You have got different experiences of life

But can you pick one and nurture it to this nature

I’m sure you have heard of floods in some places

There are homeless, hopeless and depressed

Let’s comfort them

For they also have right to know

That nobody is born to suffer but to live and die

But ask yourself before I what will be the influence that I leave for others?


So tell me who’s born to suffer out there?


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Angela KostaPrepared by Angela Kosta Academic writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator, journalist


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