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Youth STEM Learning Festival Organized in Sukkur

Youth STEM Learning Festival Organized in Sukkur

Hundreds of govt. school boys and girls visited 3-day Youth STEM Learning Festival, gaining firsthand knowledge through various scientific projects

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Sukkur, Sindh

Wearing clean and crisp uniforms, several hundred government school boys and girls visited three-day Sukkur Youth STEM Learning Festival, gaining firsthand knowledge through various scientific projects on Thursday.

The first day of the festival was dedicated to “Unleashing the Potential of Youth in STEM.” Thar Education Alliance organized this festival in collaboration with the Sindh Education and Literacy Department, UNICEF, and the Reform Support Unit (RSU) at Walking Track Ground near Globe Chock Sukkur.

STEM-Learning-Festival-Sukkur-Sindh Courier-1The festival was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner Sukkur, Fayaz Ahmed Mahesar. People from different walks of life, including academia, the education department, civil society, science organizations, and the community, were also in attendance.

Around 50 government schools from each district of Sukkur region participated in this festival, with the number of participants totaling around 7500.

Deputy Commissioner Sukkur, Fayaz Ahmed Mahesar, shared that such programs would indeed enhance scientific understanding and confidence among young students who prepared such marvelous projects. “Education is the foundation of any society, and children must polish their skills for a bright future and promotion of STEM education should be main priority,” he said.

STEM-Learning-Festival-Sukkur-Sindh Courier-2Experts mentioned that it was amazing to see some interesting and innovative models prepared by the students. “This is a proper way to promote conceptual science by making students create their own models and present ideas in front of people. The students inspired us,” they discussed in a panel discussion.

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In the panel discussion on “Exploring Digital Horizons: Creating Impact through Digital Media and Content,” speakers said that the majority of people now own smartphones and digital devices, engaging with diverse content. Simultaneously, young individuals globally are creating content and earning money. As Farhad Jarral mentioned in a panel discussion, “We can also participate in this phenomenon; we just need to find the way forward.”

STEM-Learning-Festival-Sukkur-Sindh Courier-3Speakers including Raja Rohit, Saeed Sangri, Riaz Ujan expressed that digital media and content offer numerous benefits to the education system. They provide dynamic and interactive learning experiences, catering to diverse learning styles. Through multimedia resources, students can access a wealth of information, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects.

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“You can connect your classroom with the world. The internet has transformed everything. If you want to link your school to the global community, the results will be amazing. Opportunities and resources are just a click away,” Raja Rohit said.

Additionally, digital platforms enable collaborative learning, breaking down geographical barriers and promoting global connectivity. Teachers can leverage these tools to create engaging lessons, fostering a more student-centric and interactive educational environment, they said.

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