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A Distinguished Woman – Poetry from Lebanon

A Distinguished Woman – Poetry from Lebanon

A rebellious woman, she was born from the womb of a frozen nation

Yasmine Harmoush Lebanese poet - Sindh CourierYasmine Harmoush, an eminent Lebanese poet and writer shares her poems

Yasmine Harmoush is a Lebanese literary writer, born in Safira, Dinniyeh. Yasmine graduated from Lebanese University with a specialization in experience and auditing in financial accounting. She recently published the book entitled: “Jasmine” which includes texts on various themes and also talks about social issues. She has been writing poetry since she was 14 years old. She always has the desire and inclination to write down any revolutionary and poetic sentiment that runs through his daily life…


 A rebellious woman

 She was born from the womb of a frozen nation

 As a linguistic masterpiece

 About the lines of the shops are unique…


 Slim figure

 She rises to the heights of pride…

 And curls of gypsy hair

 Flows with freedom…


 Her nose is like a lofty one

 Zubaida Al-Abbasiya…

 Her lips are burgundy

 Like cries of truth

  The violent blood…

 Its fragrance of a wild flower

 She broke the neck of the bottle and the bondage…

 Don’t falter in her steps

 Even if she walked without shoes

  On a pink land…


 A woman like the full moon, clear and clean

 And luminous on moonlit nights…

 Do not accept grievances, solid and proud…

 Strong as olive roots

In the soil of its land, it is firmly established and rigid…



Shut up!!!

You know what to say

And how do you dance?

On the two strings!

I will break you!

I replace you with a mirror that does not speak two languages

Don’t speak in front of me

Only with patience and sober flattery

You are the one who has grown old over the years

And you have passed the age by two ages

You are delirious about what you do not know

 You’ve been afflicted with “psychosis” and “delirium.”

 And your testimony is wasted

 About the judiciary

 Your statements will not be supported

 All the judges

 Even with the oath of two witnesses

 And an argument and two proofs

 What can you say?


 Gray claws

 You’re trying to invade my head!

 And the spider of eternity

 He will spin his threads

 From around my eyes

 May the edge of my eyelid be black!

 Or the yellow of autumn

 The skin of my cheeks took over

 And dry depression

 He decorated the lips of my smile! “L


 You stupid and idiot

 In vain you stupidly try to crush me

 Not a single glance of yours will shake me

 And there is no barbarism in your words

 Didn’t you know?!

 Queen “Ahlam”

 She became an icon of aesthetics

 So I was blessed

 Inject the filler needles and live

 Operating rooms!



I planted you as light

Flowers among the ruins

I formed in your roots

Dove wings

I left a darker ghost town

There is no war in it

Without darkness

Everything is permissible

In the horizons

I fly without feathers…

Or wings

Without barriers and clashes,

Or pain and sorrows!

 I fall asleep on a pillow

 Stuffed with ostrich feathers

 I sway coquettishly..

 With the wind and breezes

 I flaunt a dress

 It was embroidered with clouds

 I collect the raindrops

 I fashion them into pearls

 I adorn myself with the necklace of life…

 Studded with rubies from the sky

 What a beautiful moment

 I seduce deaf atoms in it

 No noise from newspapers and news

 No chattering thoughts

 I breathe fresh air

 And the nectar of dew

 I sip, smiling


  I have spent my life

 Why am I looking for refuge?

 At the corners of life

 I wish I could repeat

 The hands of time


 So that I can feel safe!

(Translated into English Nurul Hoque)


Angela KostaPrepared by Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator

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