Amal draws portraits with lead and charcoal from the age of 5

13-year old Egyptian girl participated in many exhibitions and received several awards and certificates of appreciation.

Amal Qurtam’s mother tongue is Arabic but she also masters English, Russian, Chinese and Korean.

By Stefania Miola

I would like to introduce to the readers of the Sindh Courier a very young and talented Egyptian artist. Her name is Amal Qurtam daughter of Abdel Aziz Qurtam, and is just 13 years. Based in Cairo, Amal was born on August 17, 2008.

She started drawing at the age of five, participated in many Egyptian exhibitions and received many awards and certificates of appreciation. She did several interviews on TV and news programs.

Amal-Qurtam-Art-Sindh-CourierShe was the president of the International Festival of Fine Art for the week of Amal Qurtam Prize, which was held for her personally, organized by the Moment International newspaper, to express appreciation of her art and encourage her developing her great talent.

Her mother tongue is Arabic but she also masters English, Russian, Chinese and Korean.

Her activity includes Plastic Art, Pop Art Illustrations, Graphic Designing, Videos. Amal is also the Karate champion, and she won 3 bronze medals from the Egyptian Karate Federation and got the black belt.

Amal-Qurtam-Art-Sindh-Courier-1When the Amal Qurtam was five years old, her mother noticed her passion for art, tracing lines and drawing features at such a young age. She made every effort to improve and develop her child’s talent until she reached painting with oil and charcoal besides lead, and mastered portraiture at the age of 13.

Amal says that her hobby began when she was 5 years old, and her mother found that she likes to follow channels for teaching drawing and watch paintings, especially international portraits that highlight people’s features and details of their faces. It started with simple paintings about the cartoon characters that Amal loves. She started drawing portraits of public figures from artists and imitating some international paintings as well.

Amal-Qurtam-Art-Sindh-Courier-2Amal taught herself by utilizing the materials that her mother used to bring to her constantly, and drawing in her spare time, especially vacation, and between the study-time. It refined her talent and made her at a young age draw charcoal portraits without a teacher or guidance.

Amal-Qurtam-Art-Sindh-Courier-3She won first place in the educational administration for painting. She also participated in several competitions and exhibitions inside and outside Egypt. One of her drawings was used in Germany to put it on the cover of a book. The painting was a portrait of the plastic artist Khaled Mounir. She also hopes to complete her studies in a superior manner and to become a doctor besides her love for drawing.

Stefania Miola

Stefania Miola is an eminent Poetess, Art Critic and Journalist from Italy. Since 2015, her three books have been published – “One sky – the only true one”, “Violets in the Desert” and “The scent of the white rabbit”. All books are awarded nationally and internationally. Her several poems are present in anthologies of various publishing houses. Stefania Miola had been writing for Sindh Courier.




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