Remembering Rai Bahadur Dewan Kaoromal Chandanmal Khilnani – A grand man of Sindh

His published books are of the order of 58 books, 54 of which saw light of the day during his…

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Tewani finds love and success in Jamaica (Part-IV)

Tewani told Diana, “I have to marry somebody I really love. I can’t marry just to anybody, an arranged marriage.…

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How Gordhan Tewani started making his fortune in Jamaica (Part-III)

Tewani rented his first shop in Kingston and started selling rum, straw bags, local Khus Khus perfume, calypso records, shirts…

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Gordon Tewani in Jamaica (Part II)

“I asked my uncle: ‘Where is Jamaica?’ He told me: ‘It’s America.’ When I arrived at Palisadoes Airport I saw…

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The Aggarwal of Rajasthan who established cement factory in Karachi

The cement factory in Karachi was named after Shanti Prasad Jain, and for that the locality became known as ‘Shanti…

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Tragic life story of renowned poetess Reetika Vazirani

Reetika’s father, a dental surgeon and professor, had also committed suicide when she was 11. Her mother had remarried after…

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Leo Tolstoy – The Great Russian Novelist and Philosophical Writer

He distributed all his wealth among the villagers because of his radical ideas on property issues that he created influenced…

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