Combating Covid-19 with non-punitive measures - Sindh Courier-3

Combating Covid-19 with non-punitive measures

Combating Covid-19 with non-punitive measures - Sindh Courier-3Assistant Commissioner Qandeel Fatima meets pedestrians, bikers, motorists and other passersby at public places; undertakes door to door visits; distributes safety kits; convinces them for vaccination

“People are responding positively. So far 130 people got registered for vaccination,” ۔Ms. Fatima

Hyderabad: Taking a step further to create awareness among the masses about the severity of the Covid-19 situation and convincing them to strictly observe the SOPs and getting them vaccinated, Ms. Qandeel Fatima Memon, Assistant Commissioner Hyderabad (Rural) has started personal interaction with the people.

While meeting the people during her field visits, she apprised them of the situation and the preventive measures besides distributing registration forms for vaccination and the kits containing face masks, sanitizer, hand-wash and the soap. During her third day activity on Tuesday, she met the people at Hyder Chowk of Hyderabad city while on first day she selected Hatri area on Hyderabad bypass and on Monday she went door to door in Tando Jam Town.

Combating Covid-19 with non-punitive measures - Sindh Courier-1“Other than punitive measures like imposing fines and sealing shops, malls and restaurants, spread of COVID-19 can also be prevented by taking absolving measures,” Qandeel Fatima told Sindh Courier elaborating her idea of interacting with masses.

“During door to door visits in Tando Jam not only kits were distributed but also carried vaccination campaign and guided people how to register themselves for vaccination,” she said adding that pamphlets were distributed also to make them know the registration process and vaccination centers.

Combating Covid-19 with non-punitive measures - Sindh Courier-2“I also explained to the people the importance of using face masks, sanitizer, hand-wash and soap that will help keeping them and those around them stay safe,” she told.

Qandeel Fatima added that kits will be distributed in all areas of Taluka Hyderabad on daily basis and so far she has distributed 400 kits.

“I selected Hatri area for reaching out to travelers and today my target was passersby at Hyder Chowk of Hyderabad city,” she told.

Combating Covid-19 with non-punitive measures - Sindh Courier-4On a question Qandeel Fatima told that in Tando Jam she visited 78 houses in a day. “Response was very encouraging. They were very happy to see an officer visiting them personally. Some 130 people registered themselves for vaccination too,” Assistant Commissioner Qandeel Fatima told.

Mass awareness drive launched by Ms. Qandeel Fatima is part of the efforts being made by Commissioner Hyderabad Muhammad Abbas Baloch and Deputy Commissioner Fuad Ghaffar Soomro in view of spike in Covid-19 cases in Hyderabad.

It is said that as a result of efforts of administration, the emergence of new Covid cases have registered decline to some extent.


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