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Corruption violates the Human Rights

A number of lives have been devastated only because of corruption

One can say that corruption is the source of all evils in our society.

Lots of violations of human rights are caused by the corruption. Even the human dignity is affected terribly because of corruption. A number of lives have been devastated only because of it, as it has deprived them of their basic rights. One can say that corruption is the source of all evils in our society. Mainly, the corruption is the exploitation of public power and resources, usually for personal benefits. It refers to the exhibition of dishonesty and prioritizing own advantages over national and public interest.

A few people in the globe have remained explicit from the ‘illness’ as this morbid disorder continues to exist more in human nature, particularly in upper-class. And that is the reason, in 3rd world countries the ratio of poverty is at higher level.

Reasons of Corruption

Poverty: As the poverty remains a major issue in our society, people get involved in corruption just to meet their needs and then it becomes an addiction. This all happens just because our state of mind inclined towards negativism. It has been observed that most of the people in our society are involved in need-based corruption.

Greed: This sort of corruption is committed for the fulfillment of desires, cravings, and goals and so on is generally considered as greed based corruption.

Forced corruption. There still exist some people who don’t want to commit corruption but are forced to do it.

According to some statistical records, countries, where corruption remains at an extreme level, are followed by fewer human rights. Reports of 2017 suggest countries like Syria, South Sudan, and Somalia where corruption is committed at massive scale resulting in human rights issues.

Similar is the case in Pakistan where the violation of human rights takes place only because of corruption. We have lots of examples to elaborate the situation prevailing here.

Take the example of Umme Rubab of Dadu district. Her father, brother, and uncle were murdered. She desperately wanted justice but the anti-women Pakistani society and corruption turned out to be a huge hurdle in her path.

Corruption is both learned and applied. It’s like nature versus nurture. Eventually giving suitable manners to your Youngers could boost up the movement against corruption. Also, there is a case of applying the right role model like beloved Muhammad (S.A.W). There also a change is need to develop system in our syllabus, media and our society.

Kinza Bisharat Arain

Ghullam Hyder Shah Colony, Nawabshah

Student at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Shaheed Benazirabad.

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