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Crouching Fire – A Poem from Lebanon

Crouching Fire – A Poem from Lebanon
Gaza War- Photo: Middle East Monitor

Princess Dr. Narzine Bani Hashem, a Lebanon-born poetess, shares her poem depicting the death and destruction caused by war in Middle East   

Princess Dr. Narzine Bani Hashem - Lebanon Poet- Sindh CourierPrincess Dr. Narzine Bani Hashem, born in Lebanon, graduated in Political Science, and has a doctorate as well in Economics. Besides being an entrepreneur and owner of certain trade companies, she is a poet, writer, screenwriter and television producer. She is also the Director of the Al-Nukhba weekly, and the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Federation for Peace. She is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Union of Arab Elite Creators. She is also the Founder and President of the World Federation and the Book Administration and the President of the International Federation of Hashemite Lords. Dr. Narzine Bani Hashem, was offered an honorary doctorate degree with distinction for her effective contribution to the advancement of Arab culture and spreading of peace, the values of tolerance, peaceful coexistence and brotherhood among the peoples of the world without discrimination.


 The light will shine
 Between the bars
 Dusk dungeon,
 The curtain of captivity will be torn,
 As if from a lamp
 Other than the stars,
 A winged breeze of a dream
 Sometimes it is permissible
 And sometimes it is impossible,
 Time gives birth to days
 They don’t resemble each other,
 As if this universe,
 He no longer needs us,
 The streets were filled
 With broken faces,
 And frowning souls,
 The past was living in the present
 With the flavor of tender hope,
 And today it is falling
 Moans and moans
 On the edge of the universe
 And the edge of galaxies
 We all look out
 From one balcony
 And we watch life
 And our silence is falling
 From the gate of a large prison
 It brings us together without borders
 And our faded moon
 He touches the roses
 There is no peace for us today
 Only after crossing
 All fronts
 Our bodies died
 And our souls are still hanging on
 Between darkness and light
 With sad eyes and tired languages
 We wait near dawn
 Where hope will pass
 But the drums of war
 It knocks on the banks of hearts
 Our wings are broken
 And our tears flutter from afar
 This is how we experience our constant sadness
 On the waiting side
 We are all matrixed
 We live with dignity or we die with honor
 But they both became cheap,
 After a generation of remembering
 You will give birth to a rhyme of the night
 Our passage from geography
 With bloody feet to the point of bleeding
 Infinite distances
 We were filled with music and music
 Our sad melodies
 We are steadfast to this day
 We live in darkness
 Bright sunshine,
 We carry our silent dreams
 Let the ear drums ring
 One word
 In the voice of humanity
 Keep us alive,
 But their tongues got wet
 From its roots
 And everyone was silent,
 Hypocrisy reigns on this land
 Everyone swims in his interests
 Selling humanity for a low price.


Gaza-War Business Insider
Photo Courtesy: Business Insider

Arabic Version

نار جاثية

سيسطع النور
من بين قضبان
زنزانة غسق الليل،
سيمزق ستار الاسر ،
كما لو من مصباح
غير النجوم،
نسيم مجنح لحلم
تارة يجوز
و تارة يستحيل،
زمن ينجب أياما
لا تشبه بعضها،
كأن هذا الكون ،
لم يعد في حاجة الينا ،
امتلأت الشوارع
بالوجوه المحطمة،
و الارواح العابسة ،
كان الماضي يعيش حاضره
بنكهة الامل الحنون،
و اليوم تتساقط
الاهات و الانين
على حافة الكون
و حافة المجرات
نطل جميعنا
من شرفة واحدة
و نراقب الحياة
و صمتنا يتدلى
من بوابة معتقل كبير
يجمعنا بلا حدود
و قمرنا الباهت
يلامس الورود
لا سلام لنا اليوم
إلا بعد عبور
جميع الجبهات
اجسادنا فارقت الحياة
و ارواحنا مازالت معلقة
بين الظلام و النور
بمقل حزينة و لغات متعبة
ننتظر قرب الفجر
حيث سيمر الأمل
لكن طبول الحرب
تقرع على ضفاف القلوب
اجنحتنا مكسورة
و دموعنا ترفرف من بعيد
هكذا نعيش حزننا المستمر
على قارعة الانتظار
جميعنا مصفوفون
نحيا بكرامة او نموت بشرف
لكن كلاهما اصبح رخيص،
بعد جيل من التذكر
ستنجب قافية من الليل
ممرنا من جغرافية
باقدام دامية حد النزيف
مسافات لامتناهية
أشبعنا مواويل و عزف
ألحاننا الحزينة
و نحن الثابثين لحد اليوم
نعيش الظلمة في
اشعة الشمس الساطعة ،
نحمل احلامنا الصامتة
لتقرع طبول الآذان
كلمة واحدة
بصوت البشرية
تبقينا احياء،
لكن ألسنتهم بثرت
من جذورها
و سكت الجميع،
عم النفاق على هذه اليابسة
كل في مصالحه يسبح
بائعا الإنسانية بمقابل بخيس.
Angela Kosta, a renowned poetess and writer, born in Albania and based in Italy, introduced the poet Princess Dr. Narzine Bani Hashem


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