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A Piece of Bread… A Bouquet of Poems from Italy

A Piece of Bread… A Bouquet of Poems from Italy
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Angela Kosta, a renowned poetess and writer, born in Albania and based in Italy, shares her three poems

Angela Kosta - Italy - Poetess- Sindh CourierAngela Kosta was born in Albania in 1973 and has lived in Italy since 1995. She is also a translator, essayist, literary critic and promoter. She has published 11 books – novels, poems and fairy tales in Albanian, Italian and English. Her publications have appeared in various literary magazines and newspapers in Albania, Kosovo, Italy, USA, England, China, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel Algeria, Poland, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Tajikistan, South Korea, Hungary, Poland, India etc. Angela Kosta translates and writes articles and interviews for the newspaper “Calabria Live”, Saturno magazine, the newspaper “Le Radici”, the international magazine “Orfeu”, Alessandria Today magazine, the Nacional newspaper, the Gazeta Destinacioni, the Perqasje Italo magazine – Shqiptare, the international magazine Atunis – Belgium, collaborates with magazines in Lebanon, USA, Morocco, etc. Angela is Ambassador of Culture and Peace in Bangladesh, Lebanon, Poland, Morocco, Canada, Algeria, Egypt, etc. Angela has been translated and published in 22 foreign languages and countries. In 2023 alone, she was author in 75 national and international newspapers and magazines with poems, articles, interviews, essays, etc…

Image Courtesy -Down to Earth
Image Courtesy: Down to Earth


A piece of bread

To quench the hunger

For day and night;

A person shouts out for a sad existence,

Searches for it, but fails and finishes in a while.

Being born with the cruel fate, whose fault is it?

Am I to blame myself?

Were we unwanted?

Did we get into the wrong world?

Insatiable hunger,

Public negligence,

Disappearance of rejoice…


I want to live in clouds and fill myself with air in the universe;

Still the heat from the sun is increasing not enough to melt the frozen blood and faded heartbeats of my brothers.

The ground beneath your feet;

Where a piece of bread,

Don’t fall apart!

Where is the Jesus who takes care of all?

There is no answer!

I have the piece of bread only except my wealth here.



The Light of Hope shines on the beloved

Land furrowed by wounded edges where

The poverty lives naked.

There are undressed ladies with wide open eyes

On the sidewalks full of corpses

With anxiety is fed inside the garbage

With rotting food like stale bread crumbs as if they are for stray dogs.


But the Light of Hope triumphs

It travels around the world on the paths where poor and sick people pass.

Its passes there like a torchlight procession to tell the beloved Earth to stops suffering.

It fed the poor in abundance with the light of hope.


The oceanic light emerges and fills the cracks in the souls of the sick, wherever are there. 

By embracing the light, everyone recovers from the evils of the century:

Diseases and Poverty!



You ladies,

A fragile martyr,

Return from the lost path where there is no whisper,

Desperate crying of dirty life,

Tears of blood, nail scratched bodies having distressed soul;

You ladies,


Stay away from everything that negates the “goddess” in you;

Cross the border of patience and violence

Tear off your faded veil.

The dark eternal mask;

Free yourself from people who don’t deserve you,

Your moist smile on the lips;

You ladies,

Live again!

Raise your heads

Open fists holding the power of life;

Bloom again to sing…


Enjoy your freedom coming out of the prison of hatred.

You ladies!

You are great

You are unique

You are holy;

Enjoy and live happily!





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