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Don’t make fun of Bhutto on TikTok!

Don't make fun of Bhutto on TikTokDon’t make fun of Bhutto on TikTok just for receiving likes on social media. Bhutto was the leader who sacrificed his life for Pakistan.

Public Opinion

Today I was extremely shocked to see some TikTok videos on Facebook in which some youngsters were making fun of Pakistan People’s Party’s  slogan ”Zinda Hai Bhutto Zinda Hai”. They were making video for more likes and fun.

Bhutto family has rendered many sacrifices for Pakistan and given blood for democracy. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1973 to 1977, and prior to that the fourth President of Pakistan from 1971 to 1973. He is also the pioneer of Pakistan’s nuclear program. His words in a meeting with eminent scientists of Pakistan are unforgettable where he asked the scientists, “Can we make the bomb?” After some pause, a junior scientist said: “Yes, we can.”  He then asked, “How many years will it take?” The reply came, “Five years.” And Bhutto raised three fingers: “three years.”

“Yes, it can be done in three years,” the scientist replied.

Bhutto smiled and said, “This is a very serious political decision which Pakistan will make, and perhaps other third world countries will have to make one day.”

Now my question from those youngsters who made fun of Bhutto for likes is that what message you give to world by making such videos?  Where whole world respect their leader, we are making fun.

I request Pakistan government and the whole nation to block such videos and pay respect to our true leaders.

Anthony Sahotra

Larkana, Sindh


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