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Don’t punish me for what I am

Don’t punish me for what I am
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We should continue to make people aware about rights of transgender being treated as equal human

Transgender people are equal part of the society. They have rights to live freely and according to their choice, as they are equal to every human being. You can’t deprive other individuals of their rights. Their identity is unknown but it doesn’t mean we snatch their rights.

The voice for the rights of transgender community is being raised world-wide. Recently I noted Carmen, a Syrian woman transgender was screaming for her community rights and Jamnan, a Lebanese woman transgender was appealing for her rights. This is important to raise voice for them.

The situation with regard to rights of transgender persons in Pakistan has not yet improved. I call upon the society to stop gender discrimination and stop being gender biased. Realize the fact that transgender persons are also humans and they have equal rights.

They must enjoy the right of liberty, right to education, right to work, right to freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom to live. They are a living creature which can’t be ignored.

They can play an important leadership role in even politics. They just need some space to move.

They are continuously speaking for their rights but who has risen to speak for them? Who has struggled for their rights? Who have supported them? They are not only neglected by the society but by their families, by their homes, by their friends as well which is very intolerable and an open crime. We should continue to make aware people about right of being treated as equal human.




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