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Explosion of Economic Nukes

Explosion of Economic Nukes

Increase in fuel price does not affect transport alone, it opens the flow of inflation for every little and big thing used in daily life.

Should it be named as Economic Suicide, Black Day´, Political Barbarism, Genocide or Dooms Day?  All such terms suit the situation since, the explosion of inflation bomb with sharp increase of fuel price making a ‘double century’, as  Rs.60 per liter were increased in less than a week and are preparing for the 3rd one in couple of months.

In fact, people term it to be the big bang of economic nukes which resulted in the destruction of lower and middle class. Honestly, this war shall lead them to nowhere except in the trench of vulnerability, criminality and devastation.

Increase in fuel price does not affect transport alone, it opens the flow of inflation for every little and big thing used in daily life. Woefully, the earning of labor does not exceed Rs.600 per day and the rate of cooking oil is 600 per kg too. There are various examples which are sufficient enough to encourage crimes of all kinds. Actually, crime is inevitable when people fail to afford two times food. The picture of province Sindh cannot be portrayed in words as the conditions are worst here than that of Nigeria even.

The timely action and sincere efforts might help heal the wounds otherwise Sri Lanka`s example is latest one. May Allah help my country come out of economic crisis!

Zahoor Abbas

Karachi Sindh

Power outage and inflation

The people across the country are facing load shedding of electricity however in Sindh the situation is worst as the power remains off for over 12 to 15 hours a day despite the record temperature during current heat wave. It was 54 degrees centigrade in Shahdadkot, 53 in Larkana and 47 to 48 degrees centigrade in Hyderabad. The prolonged power shutdown has aggravated the suffering of the people across the country.

Load shedding continues despite examinations of XI and X are conducted in Sindh and the students and teachers are facing inconvenient situations. Power outage disturbs the people of every walk of life. It damages the education, health, industry, and agriculture as well.

Since Shahbaz Sharif came into power, load shedding has increased and troubled the lives of people. Even the rate of dollar has increased beyond Rs.200. Edible items, vegetables and fruits and daily use grocery items are out of reach to the poor.

The Sharif family was eager to assume power to deliver relief and remove inflation from the country. However, it has failed to fulfil its promises made before bringing no confidence against Imran Khan’s government.

Sky-touching inflation and the crippling economy of the country are the burning issues which seem to be uncontrolled by the incumbent government. Inflation and price have broken the back bone of poor people of the country

Fawad Hussain Samo

Hyderabad Sindh