Home Profile From Engineer to Poet and Author – Life Journey of Naila Hina

From Engineer to Poet and Author – Life Journey of Naila Hina

From Engineer to Poet and Author – Life Journey of Naila Hina

Naila Hina, a former Engineering University Instructor, is an international award-winning poet and author of 100+ multilingual books, from Karachi, Sindh Pakistan


Hailing from a highly educated well established family, Naila Hina, a former Navy Engineering University Instructor, is an international award-winning author of 100+ multilingual books, and a poet from Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. Her parents and uncles are some of the greatest masterminds Aligarh and Osmania Universities have produced.

Naila-Hina-Sindh- CourierShe was born in Karachi, the biggest cosmopolitan city of Pakistan. Linguistically, ethnically, and religiously diverse, as well as one of Pakistan’s most secular and socially liberal cities.

Naila Hina belongs to a highly educated family originally from Hyderabad Deccan, India, as she told in an interview, “My elders are among the founders of Pakistan. We are Yousafzai Pathan. My late father Asghar Ali Khan was a M. A., L.L.B. From Aligarh University and Osmania University Hyderabad. My late mother was a B.Sc. B. Ed. from Osmania University Hyderabad Deccan. All my uncles, aunts and siblings are professionally qualified. Hyderabad Deccan is very rich in culture and so is my family background.”

“I loved books and could understand machines better than the people or maybe I understood public more than I should have,” she said.

“I lived in my dream world and fairy tales, fantasizing. I thought myself as a part of the stories that I had read. I got immersed in the books and an ever increasing thirst of knowledge is part of my nature. I was a genius who liked to be an idiot,” Naila Hina says.

Naila-Hina-DoctorateEducational Qualification & Honorary Degrees 

She holds basic degree in Mechanical Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi, with MBA, and CMA from Institute of Cost and Management Accountants.

She has got honorary Doctorate in Literature from various international organizations e.g. International Academy for Peace Development and Culture etc.

She was also awarded diplomas from Storymirror, Poetas Unidos, LLSF, Alma de Girasol, Motivational Strips, WWWW, World’s best writers and poets, casa poetica magia plumas, Project Earth, Bahisht e char Saat, etc.

Naila-Hina-Book-Sindh-CourierDream of a United World

She is ‘Author of the Year’ nominee and ‘Literary Colonel’ at StoryMirror. Multi-talented and multilingual, she has written poems and books since childhood. She is actively working on her dream of a united world by Poetry without borders.

Naila Hina is a friend of the world, a true ambassador for peace humanity and cultural and scientific development. She has been associated with various literary organizations and groups. She also holds the office of President of ‘Dream of Equality, Pakistan’, President of Asia Planet group, C.E.O of World Press Agency Pakistan etc.

Focus on Scientific Thinking

Engr. Dr. Naila Hina is an honored poet of Pakistan, who has been focused on spreading peace, knowledge, creativity, scientific thinking and freedom of expressions and press throughout her life. She has achieved great success and international recognition for her hard work and dedication in literature and linguistics and other areas. Her heart bleeds for the poor and ignorant of society and desires to make the world a better place, with health and educational reforms, humanitarian and cultural exchange etc.

Naila-Hina-BookBooks and Articles

Her first book name is Bahisht e Char Saat. Her second book is Shadows of the Sun. her third book is Cosmic Dreams, Fourth book is Labor Of Love, Fifth is Hayat e Javedan, Sixth is Fragrance Of A Cave Girl, Seventh book is Shajar e Muhabbat, Qafla Bahaar Ka, Life is Eternal, A Spanish Lulluby, etc. She is also the editor of Quest, NED University of Engineering and Technology Pakistan.

Naila-Hina-Books-Sindh CourierAdjudged as the Best Writer of the Decade, she is editor, translator, columnist, science journalist, singer and debater. She was also recommend for Nobel Prize for Literature 2022.

Engr. Dr. Naila Hina is the first person who translated Father of Arabic poetry Imru al Qays’ poetry in Urdu language. She is also the first person to write in Gammo style of poetry.

Many articles and poetry, science fiction videos and fantasy are available online and published in the esteemed newspapers and magazines and YouTube.

Spanish and Italian editions of Naila Hina’s books

Her poem Beauty and Sorrow written in 1992 has been published worldwide in 39 different languages.

Naila Hina’s introduction and poetry has been translated and published globally in various languages in various international newspapers including Gazeta Destinacioni.

Engr. Dr. Naila Hina’s poem – “fall of the tree” has been published in Albanian in a Kosovo-based international newspaper.

Many of her books are available on amazon.  Her book of quotes Quoteyard is available on Scribd.com along with her many others. Her poetry has also been published in anthologies.

Naila-Hina-AwardAwards and Achievements

Honorary Doctorates from various international organizations.

Best Writer of the decade and Best Collaborator of the Decade Awards.

Best Director General Awards, World Press Agency

World Poetic Star Awards and doctorates and Diplomas from World Literature Academy, Grai Romanesc, World Poets Association, International academy for Culture development and peace.

Munir Mezyed foundation award for Culture, Peace, Humanity

Best debater award from Pak American Cultural center

Naila Hina is the iwomanglobalawards nominee for literature for the year2020.




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