Home Health GIMS organizes workshop on Pediatric Urology Genitourinary Reconstruction

GIMS organizes workshop on Pediatric Urology Genitourinary Reconstruction

GIMS organizes workshop on Pediatric Urology Genitourinary Reconstruction

3000 Urology Surgeries and around 550 Liver Transplants have been performed in 3 years at Gambat Institute of Medical Science.   

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The 1st 3-day workshop on Pediatric Urology Genitourinary Reconstruction held at Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jilani Institute of Medical Sciences Gambat (GIMS) concluded on Sunday.

Workshop was organized by the department of Pediatric Surgery and Urology Department of GIMS.

During three days of workshop different kinds of the live surgeries were performed by the Urologists hailing from different hospitals of Pakistan. Live surgeries like exstrophy epispadias Complex (EEC), the most serious form of abdominal midline malformation, in which only partial bladder closure, were operated. Patients underwent take down of previous repair, complete reconstruction and bilateral hernia repair besides mid penile hypospadias, Snodgrass repair, and removal of kidney stone by Nephrolithotomy of girl patient.

GIMS-Workshop-Sindh-Courier-2GIMS-Workshop-Sindh-Courier-3Workshop was unique in the rural background Institute GIMS, where free of cost Liver and Kidney Transplantation is being performed.

Dr. Illahi Bux Brohi Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Urologist Dr. Hina Yousif, Dr. Muhammad Khan Babar and others said that training, live operations and lectures were delivered during the workshop. They said that around 3000 Urology Surgeries within three years period have been performed.

Captain ® Dr. Rahim Bakhsh Bhatti, Director GIMS, said that the Institute has got international recognition as the Health Providing Service Institute and added that around 550 Liver Transplants in a short period of three years have been performed by GIMS that include 284 patients from Sindh, 164 from Punjab, 80 from Balochistan, 14 from KPK and some patients are from Islamabad, Azad Kashmir and Afghanistan. The bone marrow transplant is also a big achievement of the GIMS.

He said that GIMS is one of the best health care systems in Pakistan.

GIMS-Workshop-Sindh-CourierGIMS-Workshop-Sindh-Courier-4Dr. Bhatti said that the workshop on Pediatric Urology Genitourinary Reconstruction was a good achievement and added that during a conference live surgeries were performed as well as the urologists from across Pakistan had shared their ideas and research about the Pediatric Urology Genitourinary Reconstruction.

Certificates and shields were given to the participating doctors at the concluding ceremony.