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Human Rights’ Violation Linked to Climate Change

Human Rights’ Violation Linked to Climate Change

A non-government organization holds seminar on ‘Climate Change is a Human Rights Issue’

From Correspondent

Sujawal, Sindh

NDF Pakistan organized a one-day seminar on ‘Climate Change is a Human Rights Issue’ with the support of Human Rights Department, Government of Sindh, on Saturday.

Speaking at the seminar, Provincial Secretary Human Rights Department Jawed Sibghatullah Mahar said that there is a dire need for promoting human rights, correct information and awareness in the society.

“The Department of Human Rights is doing its best to protect and promote human rights,” he said and viewed that climate change is not only a social and economic issue but also a human rights issue.

“Human rights are being violated due to climate change. We all have a role to play in protecting environmental health,” he urged.

Sujawal-Human-Rights-2NDF Pakistan President Abid Lashari, who also is a member of the provincial human rights vigilance committee, said that the Sindh Government’s human rights department is empowered to protect and promote human rights in the province. “It has functional directorates at the regional level.”

The aim of the Human Rights Department is to promote awareness of human rights, enable people to claim and exercise their rights, train and educate relevant authorities to perform their duties within the scope of law.

He added that human rights and climate change are closely related. “Climate change has undermined the human rights. There is an urgent need to prevent such factors.”

Social activists, lawyers, journalists and local stakeholders attending the seminar were briefed about Domestic Violence Act 2013, Harassment Act 2010, Sindh Child Marriage Act 2013, Human Rights Act 2012 and some other important laws.

Qadir Bux Otho, Tariq Hussain Chanar, Ibrahim Haijab and other participants also spoke on this occasion.



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