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Joint Family VS Nuclear Family

Joint Family VS Nuclear Family

We have more joint families in rural areas but in cities, the people prefer to live a separate life.

In rural areas and in villages, there are more joint families settled than that of cities whereas, in urban areas nuclear families are preferred owing to fast life style. It is fact of matter that joint families mostly get separated on the ground of development, progress and due to the impact of modern or western culture.

There are some advantages of joint families which cannot be underestimated e.g. in joint families elderly parents will get the support of their children and young parents will get the help of their parents to pushup kids in joint families. People will learn its importance from childhood. In joint families’ responsibility of work is divided while there will be fun on festivals and functions.

There are also disadvantages of joint family, which cannot be under-valued. There will be no privacy and elders of the families very often so turn strict and impose unnecessary restrictions.

Usha Sadani

Karachi Sindh