Home Literature Khairpur Literature Festival discusses feminism, revival of Sindhi film industry

Khairpur Literature Festival discusses feminism, revival of Sindhi film industry

Khairpur Literature Festival discusses feminism, revival of Sindhi film industry

Sindhi film industry was destroyed due to influx of non-technical persons who couldn’t keep pace with changing times 

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Khairpur Sindh

The 2-day 3rd Khairpur Literature Festival concluded on Sunday with different sessions on women rights, revival of Sindhi cinema, and the role of Sindhi journalism in bringing social change.

During the session on women rights, the speakers viewed that the voices raised for women’s rights are given a false color, but women will not be silent and will not give up their legitimate rights.

Ms. Ayesha Khand, Ms. Nisha Kanwal and Ms. Huma Abbasi discussing the feminist movement and women’s rights during the session, said that an attempt is being made to make the women’s rights movement controversial by giving false color to feminism.

Khairpur-Festival-Sindh-Courier-2They also said that women will not give up their rights movement for fear of negative propaganda.

A session titled “Revival of Sindhi Cinema as a dream” was moderated by Jabbar Gillal, while actor and director Ayub Gaad, PTV producer Ghulam Mustafa Solangi and actor Imdad Shaikh shared their views on the topic.

They said that Sindhi film industry was destroyed and could not be strengthened due to the large number of non-technical people.

“The filmmakers stopped making quality films without understanding the changes of time,” they said however were optimistic that the Sindhi cinema can be revived.

Another session was held under the title “Journalism’s Role in Social Change”.

Later, a session was held to pay tribute to late novelist Dr. Rasool Memon and the famous poet of Khairpur late Shahan Simang.

Novelist Ibrahim Kharal, Mumtaz Bukhari and others paid tribute to Dr. Rasool Memon and Shahan Simang.

Khairpur-Festival-Sindh-Courier-2 (2)A Mushaira was also held attended by famous poets Ayaz Gul, Adal Soomro, Sajjad Mehar, Sajjad Mirani, Mahar Khadim, Khalid Bhanban, Amar Iqbal, Roshan Sheikh and others.

At the end, the popular singer Ashiq Nizamani performed.

Stalls of books, handicrafts and other cultural items and pictures and paintings were also exhibited.

Commissioner Sukkur Division Ghulam Mustafa Phull and Vice Chancellor of Shah Abdul Latif University Khiarpur Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmad Ibupoto participated in the conclusion session of the Khairpur Literature Festival organized by Creative Forum Khairpur.

Muhammad Ali Sahto, head of Creative Forum on that occasion said that the Khairpur Literature Festival would be organized every year to dig out the Youth Talent and inspire the youths to come forward to rescue the values and culture of Sindh.




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