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Love Poems of Sadije Aliti, a Poet from North Macedonia

Love Poems of Sadije Aliti, a Poet from North Macedonia
Sadije Aliti

I loved you my way, you loved me your way. We were not satisfied, the way we loved each other!

Sadije Aliti is an award-winning poetry writer from Republic of North Macedonia, Southeast European country
Sadije Aliti-Sindh CourierSadije Aliti is a poetry writer from Tetovo, North Macedonia. She graduated at the University of Skopje, where she also received a master’s degree in literature and now she is a professor of Albanian Language and Literature. Ms. Aliti for more than three decades in the general public is known as a journalist, professor and a teacher of Albanian language, humanist and activist of the civic sector, especially in terms of the scope of women’s rights, poetry writer with 18 published titles. Sadije Aliti communicates in several languages of the world, as she has translated and published her books, such in: Slovenian, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, English, Greek, Swedish, Macedonian, Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Danish, and Norwegian language. She has participated in several national and international festivals such as in: Slovenia, Turkey, Sweden, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Presevo and others, where she has been awarded in many prizes and recognitions.


Great loves

Never wear veils

The fate of life remains

Shadow of memories

Without crown…


Skopje-centar-by-EPA-2-1280x720WE LOVE EACH OTHER

I loved you my way

You loved me your way

We were not satisfied,

The way we loved each other!

Most important

We loved each other

How: yesterday

Today, tomorrow

We love each other…


A view from Macedonia


Took a long time to say

I love you

Very briefly to say

I don’t love you

The sea wave takes the word

Back by the course of the river

Swinging the Swallow wings

Do not hurt the lovers

(Translated by Naser Qamili)


Received from Angela Kosta Academic writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator, journalist


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