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Meet an Artist and Poet Bardha Alimeta from Albania

Meet an Artist and Poet Bardha Alimeta from Albania

Bardha Alimeta is a “different woman” in a country where everyone has the same opinions.

Angela Kosta

Bardha Alimeta was born and raised in the city of Librazhd, Albania, where she currently lives. Bardha is an Ambassador of Peace, painter of 5 oil and acrylic exhibitions with over 200 works.

Bardha is the President of the OJF (The Different Woman) in Librazhd, as well as the Head of the Sadi Halili Palace of Culture in Librazhd. Bardha Alimeta is the winner of several prestigious literary awards as well as the author of three books of poetry: “World That I Don’t Feel”, “My Soul Belongs to Me”, “Footprints on the Move” and author of two books of prose: “Bitter Nostalgia” and “The Red Butterflies.”

BARDHA ALIMETA - ALBANIA Sindh CourierTo be different, where everyone is the same, we notice as we talk to the artist Bardha Alimeta, who is willing not to reject us. From the beginning of the conversation she welcomes us and the smile doesn’t go away from her face. Speaking of this artist, you don’t know where to start, as the artist says. We’ll talk about this multi-size woman.

BARDHA ALIMETA - ALBANIA Sindh Courier-1She writes and paints simultaneously and also runs the Palace of Culture “Sadi Halili” in The Lycea for two years. White talks passionately about everything. The work she is entrusted with is an early wish and she first-timed it. White comes from a simple bookshop family and never left her country. The art of it is breath. White “plays” with colors and words. She combines her art so beautifully that it makes her different from the others. In her paintings, the colors of the nostalgic soul of sad and loving soul appear. The same goes the magic of her lyrical verses. Prose short is also a magic of the Soul of White, which squeezes the thought to bring it focused and with clear messages to the reader. Love and pain are the main pillars where the simple but beautiful and varied art of the artist Bardha Alimeta is based. Besides her talent, she is a very positive and hardworking woman in her social life.

Bardha is a humanist, talented artist, poet, wife, and mother. If you ask about Bardha in her city, everyone talks about her with much respect and love for her, just as she really is, a “different woman” in a country where everyone has the same opinions.

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Angela Kosta is Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, and translator, born in Albania and based in Italy


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