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My Friend – A Poem from Italy

My Friend – A Poem from Italy
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Maria A. Miraglia 

Dr Maria A Miraglia Italy PoetessDr. Maria A. Miraglia, born and living in Italy, is an educationist, bilingual poet, translator, essayist and ministerial lecturer for English language teachers. For a long time, she was an active member of Amnesty International and other peace organizations. She is the Literary Director of the P. Neruda Association and a member of several international editorial boards and writers’ unions. She has received many international awards. Recently, she was elected as a member of the European Academy of Science and Arts – Salzburg. Her latest work is Colorful Butterflies, also edited in her native language.


To you my friend

Who knows my soul

That have learned to penetrate

Its darkest depths

And make them sometimes bright

To you who follow me as a shadow

When you feel

I want to be alone

With my doubts my uncertainties

My dreams and nightmares

To you who stay by my side

To share my bitterness

But also, laughter

My joys but

Even my melancholies


To you that ask nothing in return

With joy I offer my affection

And friendship with everything

Which pertains to it

My loyalty

In all its entirety

I give to you

Without reserve

And without oaths


I’ll stay with you

When everyone rows against you

And will never barter your trust

Neither for money

Nor to receive honors

But from a distance

And in the dark of the night

I will listen to your laments

Your calls

To come to you and

Take your hand.  




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