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Pakistan and the Unemployment Issue

Pakistan and the Unemployment Issue
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Such a situation is the outcome of ill-conceived policies of the successive governments.  

No doubt the unemployment is a universal issue, but the issue in Pakistan is very grave, as there has been a rising number of unemployed persons, especially the youth, in the country. Unemployment exists within two types: one who has no source of income and another who is popularly known as educated. Unemployment among the educated sections of the society is a dangerous one because youth are failing to get opportunities to serve the country.

It has been observed that the people who attain the age of retirement are not getting retired from their job thus blocking the doors to educated youth. For this reason, many Pakistanis having master’s degrees are wandering aimlessly.

Even we do not have employment opportunities for the skilled youth. There are lots of examples where the youths have degrees in engineering and other such fields are compelled to accept the jobs of clerk and peon. On the other hand, we have few industries where all Pakistanis cannot adjust as a worker.

The number of jobless people is increasing as the country’s population is increasing day by day. This is the result of ill-conceived policies of the successive governments since decades, which has affected the progress of the country.

Having master’s degrees with unemployment, no jobs, no opportunity – Then how youth can serve the country? How will society change?

Maria Khushk

Hyderabad Sindh


Women rights are human rights

 Women should be given equal opportunities economically and socially. They must be respected and ought not to be underestimated on in any matter and walk of life. Her schooling and other educational rights should be treated on equal footings.

During the Middle-Ages the society became harsh to women and considered women inferior to men and conditions of the woman deteriorated.

Its fact of matter that the society woman have important role to perform.  The role of women are recognized in a society politically economically, and cultural as well as religious point of view.

In these spheres when they are to possess efficient skills and abilities, they are able to show participation in an effective manner

Aliza Safdar Bhutto

Karachi Sindh 


Abuse and Family violence

Family violence occurs in many forms – the most prominent are domestic violence, child abuse etc. The family violence affects many persons at some points in their life. Family violence differs within each family and household members, which are intended to result in physical harm, body injury, and assault. Children who grow up in house with violence often show psychological issues from an early age. Domestic violence, in its broadest sense, also includes violence against parents or the elderly and children.

Abdul Nafay Laar

Karachi Sindh


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