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Problems faced by the girls in education

There are 10 common problems faced by female students during school and college life.

Time spent in school and college is the happiest experience for most of the students including girls and boys, but comparatively girls have to face many hindrances.

By Kainat Rao

Now-a-days getting education has become the most significant part of every individual’s life. While time spent in school and college is the happiest experience for most of the students including both girls and boys, but comparatively girl’s education experience is mostly with many hindrances. Girls face a lot of problems while studying at school or college. Every student face problems according to their situation which varies among girl students. However, there are 10 common problems that are faced by girl students during school and college. If you are one of those girl students who face problems on their way to college, get a jump on how to face these issues that may occur in your path. Peer Pressure

Health Issues

Most of the young girls have to face a lot of health issues as some of the students stay away from home. Such students when eats food from the cafeteria and outside meals probably fall sick very quickly. Falling sick means missing important lectures and lessons which can result in poor attendance and loss of lessons. Such students suffer from mental health conditions because of the heightened stress, poor self-care, and lack of sleep in order to cover all the missing lectures.

The solution for such girl student’s health issues is that each student should eat healthy food and get as much sleep as they can after college or school time. Students should also make a habit of washing their hands so that the chances of falling ill can be reduced.

Mode of Transportation

Girl students also have to face transportation issues while going to school and college. As many of the girls fear harassment during travelling by public transport. Public transports are always crowded by men and women have to struggle a lot for finding their safe spot in the transport and while standing among the crowd.

Early Marriage Issues

Some parents force their daughters in early marriages and with new overwhelming relationships studying can be harder than expectations. Girl students can easily get distracted from their goal of studies as they have to fulfill many other responsibilities.

The solution to this problem is talking to your parents about it and take relationship advice in order to better cope up with the relationship and education life.

Girls’ Security & Safety

Many parents get conscious while sending their young girls to schools and colleges. With the growing crime rates, it is very important to ensure a safe and secure zone of education for all female students. Girl students face problems of harassment sometime within the institutes, people outside the institutes. They have to be very careful while coming from their homes to schools and colleges. Moreover, girls living away from home have to suffer from the harassment of hostel authorities.

The possible solution to ensure the safety and security of girls is looking for an institute with a well-known reputation where you can easily control these unpleasant activities. Moreover, parents should try to give pick and drops to their young girls so that they don’t have to worry about their safety.


Kainat Shoukat Ali Rajput is based in Nawabshah Sindh

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