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Resolve the issue of Heavy School Bags

Resolve the issue of Heavy School Bags

The school managements must take the issue seriously and find out the solution

A great deal of time this topic has been discussed in the electronic as well as print media and other forums but with no desired results.

The children carry heavy bags full of books, which is detrimental to their health. Doctors have warned and advised that heavy bags cause shoulder, and spinal cord problems for little children. The children who are in pre-primary and primary classes take heavy bags that leaves harmful effects on their body.

Medical experts have urged to reduce the number of copies and books of the children studying in lower classes. They have advised that there should be one general for all subjects’ work to be written in class and after they have come back home, the children should make fair work in their copies.

Heavy School Bags Change OrganizationIt is observed that parents and children are worried about the issue of heavy bags. All the children have no transport facility to make to school. The parents who take their children by bike or by foot, they face the great difficulty carrying heavy school bags full of copies and books.

The school managements must sort out the issue by considering it seriously. It is advised that the copies which are not necessary for home, after the School closure, should be managed to keep in their respective classes under the supervision of responsible teachers so that some relief could be provided to parents and children.

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A lot of the children don’t have breakfast in the morning before going to school, as a result of which they lose their strength by taking heavy bags on their shoulders. During the classes the blood pressure of the children goes down and vitality falls in summer because of having no breakfast and the heavyweight of the school bags.

 There are many schools where there is no medical facility available. If the student is having a blood pressure or fever or any other medical issue, it could not be managed to examine and check what was the problem? The school managements must take the issue seriously and find out the solution to the problem.

Fawad Hussain Samo

Hyderabad Sindh


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