Home Obituary SAU holds reference for its former VC Dr. Rajab Memon

SAU holds reference for its former VC Dr. Rajab Memon

SAU holds reference for its former VC Dr. Rajab Memon
Inauguration of library, named after Dr. Rajab Memon

A library, named after Dr. Rajab, inaugurated; VC Fateh Marri announces instituting Dr. Rajab Memon scholarship for a Master’s student from next year

Tando Jam: Rich tributes were paid to former Vice Chancellor of Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tando Jam late Dr. Rajab Memon at a reference held here Wednesday.

The speakers eulogized the services of late VC who worked tirelessly for academic development of SAU and transforming lives of scores of students through his vast knowledge.

The reference, held at the main auditorium hall of SAU, was presided over by Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor. A large number of working and former Vice Chancellors, academicians, writers and students paid tributes to late Dr. Rajab Memon.

Founder Vice Chancellor of SAU Dr. Abdul Qadir Ansari, former Chairman of Pakistan Science Foundation and former Vice Chancellor of SAU Dr. Bashir Ahmed Sheikh, Vice Chancellor of University of Sufism and Modern Sciences Dr. Parveen Munshi, former Vice Chancellors Dr. Muhammad Safar Mirjat and Dr. Zaheer-ud-Din Mirani were among those who attended the reference.

Speaking at the reference Dr. A Q Ansari told how they formed a team comprising of dedicated teachers to conduct meetings with parents in different districts of Sindh to increase enrollment, required for the running of university. “In this move Dr. Rajab Memon played an active role as researcher and teacher and made untiringly efforts to motivate students and building infrastructure,” he said.

“Such a missionary spirit is missing in the educational institutes as well as in the whole society,” he regretted urging that ‘we should develop parameters as per need of moment like set by Dr. Rajab to promote research and education.’

Dr. Fateh Marri in his address said that due to the guidance of Dr. Rajab Memon, his students are now holding various key positions. “Dr. Rajab Memon was a leader who worked seriously in education and research and built institutions and taught his students honestly.”

Condolence-Reference-SAU-Sindh-CourierHe said that his focus remained on the development of the people of Sindh, the betterment of society and the establishment of institutions in line with international standards. “Dr. Rajab Memon had been a dynamic figure in the field of teaching and research and under his guidance we worked on various projects in the deserts and mountains of Sindh. He replaced the traditional and superficial work and introduced the trends of exploration, and did not remain indifferent to any affairs of Sindh.”

Dr. Fateh Marri announced that SAU will establish an honorary corner in the name of teachers, who have rendered valuable services in Sindh Agriculture University, in which scholarships will be given in their name to pay homage to these personalities, and in this regard SAU will raise funds. “In this regard, the first scholarship of a Master’s student will be given in the name of Dr. Rajab Memon from next year.”

Dr. Bashir Ahmed Sheikh, former chairman of Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad and former VC, SAU, said that Dr. Rajab Memon and he had PhD from Iowa State University USA.

Dr. Parveen Munshi said that it was because of Dr. Rajab Memon that she completed PhD Degree, under his supervision and he guide me like his family member.

Addressing online, Dr. Mujeeb-ud-Din Sahrai, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Madrasat-ul-Islam Karachi, said that Dr. Rajab Memon was not just a regional figure, rather, he was a national and international figure and his work was very positive and of interest of the country and the people. “He influenced the youth and considered it his national cause to help them,”

Dr. Muhammad Safar Mirjat, Ex VC SAU said that Dr. Rajab worked tirelessly for the development of the organization without any discrimination.

Ex Vice Chancellor Dr. Zahiruddin Mirani said that Dr. Rajab was a world in his own right, he knew every subject and understood problems and knew how to deal with problems and faced many challenges with his knowledge.

Condolence-Reference-SAU-Sindh-Courier-1Imran Memon, younger son of Dr. Rajab Memon said that Dr. Rajab Memon was a kind father; he made many people capable and successful man. “We always saw our father busy in life. We saw him concerned about friends and students of Sindh Agriculture University.”

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kambhar said that Dr. Rajab Memon was lover of Sindh, he considered his students as his friends and that is why his students hold important positions today.

Earlier, Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Khunharo, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, welcomed the guests, while Registrar Ghulam Mohiyuddin Qureshi highlighted the life and achievements of Dr. Rajab Memon.

Arbab Rameez, Dr. Junaid Memon, Dr. Abdullah Arijo, Prof. Ali Nawaz Leghari, Prof. Suresh Kumar Wadhwani, Dr. Hemandas Lohano, Abu Sajid Mohammad Samo, Faqeer Mohammad Dhol, Gul Hassan Leghari also addressed on the occasion.

On this occasion, Dr. A.Q Ansari, Dr. Fateh Marri, Dr. Parveen Munshi and others jointly inaugurated a library named after Dr. Rajab Memon in the Faculty of Social Sciences, where former retired Professor Dr. Muhammad Ismail Rind handed over a donation cheque of rupees one lac. (PR)