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Creating awareness about traffic rules

Unfortunately many youngsters, untrained and hasty drivers overlook the threat to their and others’ lives by violating the traffic rules

Government spends lot of funds on Road Safety campaigns but in several cities there are no traffic signals  

Over speed is knife that cuts the life. There is no denying from the fact that safety comes first when it comes to traffic rules. But unfortunately many youngsters, untrained and hasty drivers overlook and bypass the upcoming danger exposed to them. Resultantly, they pay the heavy price at the cost of their lives leaving their families mourn after them. Therefore, youngsters are suggested to drive slowly, or go back home or drive fast, the hell awaits you. Rash driving might take away your breath and give you the death.

The traffic casualties do not occur with drivers alone. It may be pedestrian who could be victim, if unknown to traffic rules.

In traffic we shouldn’t walk on road, we should walk on footpath. If we ride on bike we should ride it slowly and in limit. If you ride fast you get accident and may get your leg, arms and hand broken. The chances of death cannot be overlooked. One-Wheeling is another setback of our society as thousands of young ones kick the bucket every year.

Government is spending huge amount on awareness. Road safety slogans are important to remind the people to follow the rules. But yet, in many cities of Pakistan there are no traffic signals. My city Larkano is one of them – The heavily populated city which was once famous as the city of garden. The city which was said to have been changed into Paris has no traffic signals. No one follows rules of traffic here. When there is no accountability, any check and balance or supervision why to follow rules?

The number of road accidents is increasing and the only way to reduce them is to create awareness among people using the road safety slogans.

Better communication definitely increases awareness and saves lives.

Awais Samo                                        

Karachi, Sindh

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