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Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur organizes Awareness Walk on Women’s Rights

It is high time to empower the women by education, right of vote and economic sustainability

The 3-day workshop on “How to Strengthen Campus Radio” is also underway at the University

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The Department of Political Science, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur organized an Awareness Walk on the Women’s Rights to mark International Women’s Day on Tuesday March 8. The Walk started from the Faculty of Natural Science Building and culminated at the Administration Block. Prof.

Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Vice Chancellor addressed the participants of walk and said that International Women’s Day is every year worldwide to sensitize the women’s rights and added that this day is being celebrated to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women since 1977.

He said the education could create awareness among the women as far as their rights are concerned. He maintained that civil society, media and other relevant forums may raise the voice of women. “We are committed to provide gender equity and firmly believe in gender balance in our University to provide equal opportunities.”

Dr. Ibupoto appreciated the efforts of Chairman Department of Political Science Prof. Dr. Amir Ali Chandio and Ms. Shahida Amir Chandio, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science for organizing this awareness walk.

Prof. Dr. Taj Muhammad Lashari, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences shed light on the importance of the day and contended that Islam is the champion of human rights as well as women rights. The last sermon of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) is a glaring example of universal rights of man & woman and human dignity. It is high time to empower the women on multilateral directions i.e. women empowerment, rights of education, rights of vote, he said.

The students of the Department of Political Science also spoke on this occasion. Ms. Shahida Amir Chandio conducted the proceedings of the event.

Prof. Dr. Mushtaque Jakhrani, Prof. Dr. Masihullah Jatoi, Mr. Mureed Hussain Ibupoto, Registrar, Mr. Ishrat Ali Mirani, Ms. Maria Maitlo, Ms. Paras Niaz Khaskheli, Ms. Nisar Ahmed Noonari and large number of students participated in the event.

Radio Workshop

Meanwhile, a 3-day workshop organized by the Society for the Advancement of Education in collaboration with the Department of Media and Communication at Shah Abdul Latif University, continued its proceedings on second day on Tuesday. The theme of workshop is “How to Strengthen Campus Radio”.  Four sessions were held on the second day of the workshop.

Dr. Mujeeb Abro, Chairman, Media and Communication Department was the moderator.

SALU-Radio-Workshop-Sindh-Courier-1Speaking at the workshop, Dr. Shehzad Ali, Chairman, Department of Mass Communication, Bahauddin Zakaria University, Multan, said that radio could play an important role in curbing the growing extremist thinking in the country. “Radio is heard from cities to remote areas. The arrangements should be made on the radio through which peace, brotherhood, tolerant thinking and national unity will flourish.

Ahmed Ali Memon, Assistant Professor, Department of Media and Communication, Shah Latif University, said that a society with individual thinking can never develop. Radio Broadcasting is a medium that can be approached by everyone as it can be tuned on mobile phone and the vehicles in the country.

SALU-Radio-Workshop-Sindh-Courier-2“The media is the driver of the social vehicle. The media has to force people to follow new ideas instead of following the traditional ones,” he said.

Radio Multan Producer Muhammad Ali and Radio Pakistan Multan Station Director Asif Khetran trained the students in radio programming, including radio programming, recording, editing, script writing and talk shows.  They said that producers should research before starting any program who the target audience of the program is and what they like to hear in the program.  They added that radio is used as a community broadcast all over the world but community issues are not discussed in radio programs in Pakistan.



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