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Sindhi Community of Vadodara kick off 40-day Jai Jhulelal Chaliha Sahib Celebrations

The community also held a program to commemorate Birth Centenary of Great Sindh Poet Narayan Shyam.

Two programs were held in connection with Jai Jhulelal Chaliha Sahib, which is being celebrated in Vadodara for 29 years.

Many literary figures spoke on poetry and life of Narayan Shyam at his Birth Centenary program held at Mayadevi Darbar.    

Sindh Courier

Vadodara, India  

The Sindhi community of Vadodara (Baroda) city of India’s Gujarat state started celebrations of Jai Jhulelal Chaliha Sahib from Thursday July 21 that will continue for 40 days while on Friday July 22 they held a program to commemorate the Birth Centenary of great Sindhi poet Narayan Shyam.

Jai Jhulelal Chaliha Sahib Celebrations were held in Vadodara at two places. A program was held at Dr. Karamchandani Hall where Sain Shehrawala inaugurated the ceremony while second was organized at Shanidev Mandir where Manishlal Sain, Mukesh Sain, Sant Mama Dayaram inaugurated the function.

These ceremonies at both the places will last for 40 days and daily worship of Jhulelal Sain will be done with great enthusiasm by followers, Mr. Haresh Agnani told Sindh Courier from Vadodara.

Vadodara--Jai-Jhulelal-Sindh Courier-2Narating the history behind celebration of Chaliha Sahib, Mr. Agnani said, “There was a Ruler in Sindh named Mirkh Badshah, who used to torture Hindus too much.To get rid of his torture all Hindus prayed at the Bank of Sindhu river for 40 days. After that there was Akashwani that God will send Avtar and he will born in Nasarpur. That Avtar is called Amar Uderolal or Jhulelal. Lord Jhulelal taught lesson to Mirkh Badshah and hence Hindu Sindhis are worshiping Jhulelal for 40 days which is called Chaliho.”

Vadodara-Sindh-Courier“Here in India Chaliha Sahib Mahotsav is being celebrated in many cities and Towns. In Vadodara, the Chaliha Sahib is celebrated for last 29 years,” Mr. Agnani told adding that Mr. Bhagwan Tahilramani, Mr. Ramesh Jagyasi, Mr. Rajesh Manwani are the main organizers/Sevadhari of Chaliha Sahib Mahotsav in Vadodara.

Birth Centenary of Poet Narayan Shyam

Meanwhile, Birth Centenary celebration of Great Sindhi Poet Narayan Shyam was arranged by Kanwar Kala Kendra on Friday July 22 at Mayadevi Darbar, Sant Kanwar Nagar Vadodara. Madam Bharti Kewalramani, Madam Varsha Udhavdasani, Mrs. Sunita Vaswani, Mr. Lal Chawla, Mr. Naresh Udhani, Mr. Kumar Ghanshani and some other dignitaries spoke on the life and poetry of Poet Narayan Shyam.

Mr. Murli Bhojwani is the President of Kanwar Kala Kendra, Vadodara. Mr. Naresh Udhani Director of Sindhi Movie VARDAN-2 especially attended the program to promote his New Sindhi movie. Most of speakers recited the poems of Poet Narayan Shyam.

Vadodara-Narayan-Shyam-Sindh-Courier-4Vadodara-Narayan-Shyam-Sindh-Courier-1Narayan Shyam was born on July 22, 1922 in Khahi Qasim village of Naushehro Feroze district (Formerly Navabshah district) in Sindh and passed away in 1989 in India. He was close friend of Sheikh Ayaz, poet of Sindh.


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