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Traveler with no address – Poetry by Saudi Arabian Poet

Traveler with no address – Poetry by Saudi Arabian Poet
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Naser AlShaikh Ahmed

Nasser-Ahmed- Saudi Poet-Sindh CourierNaser AlShaikh Ahmed is a Saudi Arabian poet who writes poetry in Arabic and English. He went to school at Sonoma State University in California, USA. Although his field of study is a way far from literature but his soul is immersed in poetry and writing. He is a member of All Poetry.com, Soul asylum Poetry Radio, IPF- Anthology Publishing. Poets Without Borders, Voracious Polyglots. He has translated from English to Arabic several poetries work for poets from USA, Japan and Australia and published his translation in local journals. He has published one poetry book in Arabic (العرافة، ara’fa) in 2013 by Arabian house for science and publishing.

Traveler with no address

Let us engrave our names in the air

While the water dances upon the star

We will carol, sing, and laugh  

And bound our souls like a never parting pair.

Love keeps me awake and feel high

I see it as a mist on your ripen lips

For that longing shall never die.

Beautiful wishes flock to my mind

As it craves, it extends so deep

It seems like kisses, like dreams

And like arms containing me gently and kind.

Love runs in my veins transparent as a glass

And my heart is yearning for you

I am a traveler with no address

And you are my identity and my pass.

On the banks of the night

I am like a butterfly attracted by the light.

Spreads and entices me with love

Whispers are referring to desire

As your eyes glitter with passion

Like grains tempting a dove.


A hole in the maze

Can the truth trickle against the wall of love?

Can the violets raise her heart over the hills…

To reveal her hidden secrets?

She laid her head on my shoulder while I was running my fingers through her silky hair

Imagine how the mind could be in the state of an illusion.

My night had gone crazy like a fire in a forest.

Words flew when I was trying to feel them

And a fountain of speech ran through my mouth.

I prepared my tricks to fool my imaginations.

Pretended to walked on threads of fortune like an adventurer

And rock the ascenders as an inspiration.

I had nothing in my childhood to be extorted.

Except for a clay board

And a ray of light that comes out shining when I


Lonely tears descended from my eyes

I spun from the dizziness effects

And as she vintage my despair

I broke free by a hole in the maze.


Stefania-Miola-Italy-Sindh-CourierThe Saudi Arabian poet has been introduced to Sindh Courier by Stefania Miola, who is an eminent Poetess, Art Critic and Journalist from Italy. Since 2015, her three books have been published – “One sky – the only true one”, “Violets in the Desert” and “The scent of the white rabbit”. All books are awarded nationally and internationally. Her several poems are present in anthologies of various publishing houses.






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