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Twenty-year-old language – Poetry from Korea

Twenty-year-old language – Poetry from Korea
A view of Daegu, South Korea

It made me smile for a moment. It’s a twenty-year-old language.

Jang Jeong Sun, an eminent poetess from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, shares her two poems

Jang Jeong Sun Korea- Sindh CourierPoetess Ms. Jang Jeong Sun graduated from Daegu University of Education and received a master’s degree in Korean Language Education from Yeungnam University Graduate School of Education. She worked as an elementary school teacher. She made her poetry debut in 2016 with the monthly magazine ‘Simunhag’. She is a member of the Korean Simunhag Association, Korean Modern Poets Association, Korea Literary Association, Korean Literary Critics Association, Korea Healing Literature Association, and Ieodo Literary Association. She received the ‘Korea Literary Critics Association Award’, ‘Baekun Literary Award’, ‘Korea Healing Literature Award’, and ‘Korea Healing Writers’ Association Award’. Her poetry collections include: Finally Sunny (2020), and ‘Overcoming the Last Night (2023).

images (2)Twenty-year-old language

It made me smile for a moment.

It’s a twenty-year-old language.


Its skin is as soft as sun-dried cotton.

It’s the strong scent of coffee that makes it difficult to sleep.

It is a line of poetry that serves as a guide.

It’s the lively melody of a freshly baked CD.

Strong like a walnut shell,

Not shaken by the cry of a black cat.

The white nape of the neck shines even in the twilight.

They are the wings of the wind that advance uphill, etc.


Writing a letter even in a blizzard.

Turning on the street lights every day.

For a twenty-year-old language,

I need to hang up my white dress.


50-facts-about-daegu-taegu-1688181460스무 언어


잠깐 나에게 눈웃음 지어

스무 언어는


햇볕에 말린 솜처럼 보송보송한 피부다

드는 진한 커피 향이다

길잡이가 되어주는 구절이다

구운 CD통통 튀는 선율이다

호두알 껍질같이 강하다

까만 고양이의 울음에도 흔들리지 않는다

어스름 속에서도 빛나는 하얀 목덜미다

오르막으로 전진하는 바람의 날개 등이다


눈보라 땅에서도 편지를 쓰며

날마다 가로등을 켜는

스무 언어를 위하여

하얀 드레스를 걸어두어야겠다


0635a569-f346-4e09-9a8a-bf02af60e51dIt’s finally sunny

The thoughts that were hanging around that day,

The tears that accumulated because I couldn’t sort them out

I guess they left


Letting go of this heavily suppressed time,

The whole yard is full of guests.


I can’t delay.

I need to choose light and sturdy shoes and prepare to meet them.


The lilac color is bright on the white dress.

The bright yellow butterfly that was flying in and out of the canvas is also spreading its wings.


Today remains as a handful of memories,

Even if it’s like the wind


To avoid being paralyzed like a scarecrow

Love parrots and light red reeds must also be welcomed.


I finally

Learning loving eye contact

Jump up from the bench


Featured-photo-places-to-visit-in-daegu-south-korea-526x320드디어 맑음


그날 늘어뜨렸던 상념과

정리하지 못해 고였던 눈물이

떠났나 보다


이런 무겁게 억눌린 시간을 털어버리니

뜰은 손님으로 가득하다


지체할 없다

가볍고 탄탄한 신을 골라 마중 채비를 차리자


하얀 원피스에 라일락 빛이 화사하다

화폭을 드나들던 샛노란 나비도 날개를 펴고 있다

움큼의 기억으로 남는 오늘이

설령 바람 같을지라도


허수아비처럼 마비되지 않으려면

사랑 앵무새와 연붉은 갈대도 맞이해야 한다


나는 드디어

사랑스러운 맞춤을 배우며

벤치에서 벌떡 일어난


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