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Vinita Bhawnani striving for promoting Sindhi culture and language

Vinita Bhawnani striving for promoting Sindhi culture and language

Mrs. Vinita, a poet and short story writer, has also done 6-year graduation in Hindustani music and organizes cultural programs besides other social welfare activities; her parents had migrated from Pano Aqil, Sindh.    

Sindh Courier

Mrs. Vinita Bhawnani, born to Mr. Harilal Panjwani, a big businessman, on April 17, 1969 in Satna city, Madhya Pradesh state of India is a very popular personality of Bilaspur city of Chhatisgarh state, where she is settled.

Her father Harilal and grandparents had migrated from Sindh in 1947. Her siblings include four sisters and two brothers. “My parents were settled in Chandni village of Pano Aqil, which was part of Sukkur district before partition,” she told Sindh Courier on WhatsApp from Bilaspur.

“My grandfather was Shri Ghanshamdas Panjwani and grandmother was Smt. Jeejal Devi. We are called Panjwani, named after our great grandfather Shri Panjumal,” she said speaking about her family tree and linkage to Sindh.

Mrs. Vinita has earned respect among Sindhi community as she has spent most of her life not only in community welfare activities but also dedicated herself for promotion of Sindhi culture and language. Besides organizing cultural programs, she also writes poetry and short stories. She wrote several poems and stories in Sindhi language focusing on current issues and culture.

“I was fond of Sindhi poems and stories since childhood,” she told.

“I have also been attending Akashwani All India radio programs as guest for presenting my poems in Sindhi language,” she added.

Bhawnani-Vinita-India-Sindh-Courier-1Mrs. Vinita Bhawnani also has vast knowledge of Hindustani traditional music, as she has done a 6-year graduation in music from Korba city.

Mrs. Vinita had founded Inner Wheel School in Korba for deaf and dump students and served the institution for quite a long time as its president. The school imparted education to deaf and dumb children belonging to any community without any discrimination. She is also working for handicapped persons in India at national level.

On a question, Mrs. Vinita told that being influenced by her father-in-law she started serving the Sindhi community. “For serving poor girls I launched a startup program which still continues.”

Mrs. Vinita, who is member of Sanskar Bharati Bilaspur, and national member of Bhartiya Sindhu Sabha, said it is good to work for Sindhi culture. “We must transfer our cultural values to our young generation.”

“In Sindhi programs, I teach students about Sindhi dance, poems, stories, drama etc. and trained them to come on stage for performances,” Vinita told.

She has organized such programs in every district of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. “In every city there is a cultural team formed by respective city name,” Vinita Bhawnani told.

Her cultural activities were not restricted to these states. Mrs. Vinita used to take Sindhi students and artists to Sindhu Darshan Leh Ladakh for performing Sindhi cultural programs.

She has been honored with several awards and certificates from government of India and Sindhi community.