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Youth of Pakistan: Dilemma, Disillusion, and the Way Forward

Deteriorating education system, absence of proper guidance coupled with corrupt nature of competitive examinations, exacerbate the dilemma

The government, society, and media must recognize the urgency of the situation and take concrete steps to provide education, guidance, and support to the youth


The youth of Pakistan in general and the province of Sindh in particular, face a multitude of challenges that have left them confused and disillusioned about their future prospects. With a deteriorating education system and limited opportunities for growth, many young people have resorted to negative coping mechanisms such as drug addiction and criminality. The absence of proper guidance and support, coupled with the corrupt nature of competitive examinations, further exacerbates the dilemma faced by the youth. It is high time for the government and society to address these issues and pave the way for a brighter future.

Education System – A tool for Job acquisition

The education system in Pakistan has primarily focused on rote learning and memorization, treating education as a means to secure employment rather than fostering critical thinking and creativity. The lack of practical skills development and career guidance has resulted in a bleak future for many young individuals. The class-based system of education further perpetuates social inequality, denying equal opportunities to all segments of society.

Mentoring and Support – Absence of Guidance

The absence of mentoring and support systems adds to the dilemma faced by the youth. Without proper guidance, young individuals find it difficult to navigate the complexities of their chosen career paths. This lack of mentorship results in a sense of aimlessness and confusion, leading some to resort to negative coping mechanisms.

Drug Addiction and Criminality – Escaping the Fractured System

With limited opportunities and a sense of hopelessness, many young people turn to drug addiction and criminal activities as an escape from their dire circumstances. This not only harms their own well-being but also contributes to the overall deterioration of society. Urgent measures are required to address the root causes of these issues and provide support systems for those affected.

Competitive Examinations – The Gateway to Corruption

Competitive examinations, such as the Central Superior Services (CSS) and Provincial Civil Services (PCS), have long been plagued by corruption. The lack of transparency and merit-based selection processes discourages talented individuals and perpetuates a system of favoritism. This undermines the aspirations and efforts of the youth and contributes to their disillusionment.

Neglected Female Youth – A Silent Crisis

The female youth in Pakistan faces unique challenges, as they are often neglected and their issues are overlooked. Gender biases and societal restrictions limit their access to education, employment, and participation in decision-making processes. Ignoring the needs and potential of female youth not only hampers their progress but also hinders the overall development of the country.

The Way Forward

Government Intervention: The government needs to acknowledge the concerns of the youth and prioritize their well-being by implementing effective policies and initiatives. Investments in education, vocational training, and mentorship programs are essential to empower the youth and equip them with the skills needed for the job market.

Awareness and Dialogue: The media should play an active role in highlighting the challenges faced by the youth and fostering a dialogue on youth issues. Special programs dedicated to addressing their concerns can help raise awareness and encourage the development of innovative solutions.

Creating Supportive Spaces: Libraries, community centers, and recreational spaces should be established to provide safe environments for the youth to learn, engage in productive activities, and foster social connections. These spaces can also serve as platforms for mentorship and guidance.

Entrepreneurship and Skill Development: Encouraging entrepreneurship and providing opportunities for skill development can empower the youth to create their own opportunities and contribute to economic growth. The establishment of small businesses and educational institutions that cater to the needs of the youth can create a conducive environment for growth.


The youth face numerous challenges that hinder their growth and well-being. To address this dilemma, the government, society, and media must recognize the urgency of the situation and take concrete steps to provide education, guidance, and support to the youth. By investing in their development, creating supportive spaces, and fostering entrepreneurship, Pakistan can unlock the immense potential of its young population and pave the way for a brighter future.


Shoukat LoharShoukat Lohar is Assistant professor in English at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro. He can be reached at



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