Home Tourism Sindh hosts Thar Off-Road Bike Rally from Feb 1 to 5

Sindh hosts Thar Off-Road Bike Rally from Feb 1 to 5

Sindh hosts Thar Off-Road Bike Rally from Feb 1 to 5
Thar Desert - File Photo

Bike rally, jointly organized by Sindh Tourism Department and Pakistan Army, will start from Karachi

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Karachi, Sindh

Sindh Tourism Department has planned the Thar Off-Road Bike Rally, scheduled to take place from February 1st to 5th, starting from Karachi.

Caretaker provincial minister for Tourism, Environment, Climate Change, and Coastal Development, Arshad Wali Mohammad announcing the plan at a press conference in Karachi, said that bikers from Karachi would embark on a thrilling journey to Thar as part of the rally.

Minister said that bikers would participate in three categories during the rally.

He claimed that this rally is a first of its kind in Sindh, and revealed that the rally is a collaborative effort between the Tourism Department and the Pakistan Army.

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“The rally will feature three categories of bikers, with the Harley-Davidson group leading the pack in the first class” he added. Subsequent groups will follow suit, showcasing the diversity and skill of bikers participating in the event. The track, spanning 55 kilometers, has been prepared for the rally, and the victorious biker will be awarded a prize of PKR 175,000.

Caretaker minister further highlighted the significance of promoting tourism in Sindh and urged the nation to join hands in fostering tourism across Pakistan.

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With over two hundred tourism destinations in Sindh, Minister Arshad Wali Mohammad invited people from all over Pakistan to come and contribute to the growth of the tourism sector.

He said that security measures are in place, making Pakistan, especially Sindh, a safe haven for tourists. He noted that environmentally conscious policies have attracted tourists from Germany, Thailand, and England to explore the beauty of Sindh.




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