Boat carrying 16 fishermen capsize in sea near Hajamro Creek

Another boat with 22 fishermen was also caught in rough waters but they somehow reached safely at a nearby Island.…

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Resilience Thy Name Is Kech

People live off trading Iranian fuel, rearing cattle, date farming and fishing. The distances are long and the life is…

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Pakistan U.S. Navy conduct joint exercise off Karachi

U.S. Charge d’ Affaires observed the exercise from USS Pearl Harbor (LSD-52), a dock landing vessel with the capability to…

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U.S., Pakistan and German Navies Conduct Joint Exercise In Arabian Sea

The training extended to a second day of bilateral training on September 7 between Pakistan and the United States to…

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Sea Intrusion and Vanishing Mangroves Posing Threat to Existence of Indus Delta

On the international day of actions for rivers, it would be worthwhile to accentuate the threats to the Indus delta…

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Listen to the resounding cry of dying Indus Delta

Indus delta is being destroyed under a deep-rooted intrigue by not releasing the required amount of water downstream Speakers at…

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Sea Intrusion: Khharochhan on the verge of disappearance

Khharochhan, a settlement along the Arabian Sea Coast in Indus Delta area near Thatta, is on the verge of disappearance…

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