Ubauro Blast - Explosive material was sold to children as ‘cracker’ - Sindh Courier-1

Ubauro Blast: Explosive material was sold to children as ‘cracker’


Ubauro Blast - Explosive material was sold to children as ‘cracker’ - Sindh Courier-1Such kind of explosive material is used for blasting the mountains; search underway to nab the culprit

Blast caused serious injuries to 4 children including 3 brothers; a child lost his hand, leg and both eyes

By Nazir Malik

Ubauro: The initial probe into mysterious blast incident near DSP office in Ubauro on Sunday has revealed that the explosive material was sold by an unknown person to the children playing there. The blast had caused serious injuries to four children.

SSP Ghotki Umar Tufail told media that according to an injured child an unknown person sold them explosives as ‘crackers’. “It seems that the explosive device was a non-electric detonator used in blasting the mountains,” police official told.

“A match box was also found from the place of incident and it is believed that the children set fire to the explosive material thinking that it was a cracker, which seemed like a box,” he said adding that police were in search of the culprit who sold the explosive material to the children.

Ubauro Blast - Explosive material was sold to children as ‘cracker’ - Sindh Courier-2All the four injured children – 12-year Kashif, Ali Raza, Ghulam Abbas and Rehan Ali Larik, belonging to the same family, were rushed to the Sheikh Zaid Hospital Rahimyar Khan, as doctors were not available at Taluka Hospital Ubauro. The parents of injured children and a large number of citizens had gathered there who agitated on such a situation and smashed the glasses of doors and windows of hospital, as even the ambulance didn’t reach in time.

It has been reported that condition of two injured children is precarious. Rehan Ali, Ghulam Abbas and Ali Raza are real brothers. Ali Raza has lost one of his hands, leg and both the eyes.

The bomb disposal squad and other law enforcing agencies had collected the evidences from the place of incident and further probe is underway.

The law enforcing agencies’ officials said that it was Sunday and there were no other people around the place otherwise the blast would have caused huge loss.