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A Jain Sadhu’s Pilgrimage to Sindh (Part-XXXI)

A Jain Sadhu’s Pilgrimage to Sindh (Part-XXXI)
Cover page of Gujarati book

An eminent Hindu Amil Sindhi business magnate Durgadas Advani was a Mayor of Karachi (May 4, 1937, to May 6, 1938)]

[Editor’s Note: This is Part 31 (Eminent Personalities – Part – 4) of a series of articles based on a pre-partition book named “મારી સિંધ યાત્રા” (“منهنجي سنڌ جو سفر”) in Gujarati authored by a scholarly Jain sadhu Shri Vidyavijayji, narrating his experiences of Journey and his Stay in Karachi for about 2 and a half years between 1937 and 1939. It would be advisable to click on the Introductory Article and read it to better understand the series. – Nasir Aijaz, Editor Sindh Courier]

Vimal Shah, Mumbai

Other Personalities

As I said in the beginning of this topic that there are many people possessing different traits in Karachi. Out of them the number of people in close acquaintance with me is not less. These too are among the distinguished people out of them.

Holding fanatic pride of Sanatan Dharma, and participating in every activity of Karachi, affluent and orator despite being aged, staunch devout, a Sindhi gentleman and devotee Sheth Lokamalji Chelaram.

A mayor of Karachi at a time, serious thinker, and devotee of Sadhu Sant Shri Durgadas Advani.

[Note by Vimal Shah: an eminent Hindu Amil Sindhi business magnate Durgadas Advani was a Mayor of Karachi (May 4, 1937, to May 6, 1938)]

Clearly highlighting the economic issues of the Nation in ‘Navchetan’, ‘Sharda’ and many other periodicals, writing articles of high values, holding a high position among the literates as well as affluent Dungarshi Dharamshi Sampat.

-Possessing extraordinary knowledge of Sanskrit despite being born in a region like Sindh, Philosopher and Scholar Pandit Dharmadev Jaitley.

-Spending day and night for the propagation of the element of God and for interfaith harmony, having generous thinking, and author of several books Shri Jamiyatram Aacharya.

-A supporter of women education, and donor of thousands of rupees for education and other charities, Sheth Manubhai Joshi.

-Solver of the most complex issues of business, and the favorite among the youth and the old due to his astute, impressive, and neutral nature, Sheth Chhotalal Khetshi.

-Despite being a Musalman, being generous and social with other communities, the ex-Mayor of Karachi Bhai Hatim Alvi.

[Note by Vimal Shah: Hatim Alvi was the first Muslim mayor of Karachi before the sub-continent’s partition. Sindh’s caretaker chief minister in 2013, Justice (R) Zahid Qurban Alvi is a grandson of Hatim Alvi. There’s a Hatim Alvi Road in Karachi.]

-Prepared to extend his cooperation with his efforts-mind-and money for any public interest activity, Sheth Haridas Lalji. Devoting his time and energy for the activities of Congress, the Secretary of Congress Committee, Dr. Tripathi.

-The Director of the Education Department in the Municipality, the author of the History and Geography of Sindh, Education lover, Shri Lagoo Saheb.

-Serving as the Secretary for many charitable funds of Parsis, eager to meet scholars of all the faiths Bhai Peshoton Vania.

-Despite serving as a teacher, taking interest in various activities of different faiths in his spare time, and absorbed in literary activities, and the Soul of the ‘Prabhu Tattva Pracharak Mandal’, Bhai Nariman Golwala.

-Despite being an old man, awakening the conscious of Parsis as well as public through a bi-weekly ‘Parsi Sansar’, its Editor Shri Pherozeshah Dastoor Saheb.”

[Note by Vimal Shah: Homee F. Punthakey and his brother, Jehangir F. Punthakey, established one of Karachi`s few Anglo-Gujarati newspapers, The Parsi Sansar and Lok Sevakin 1909]

-The editor of ‘Sindh Sevak’ Bhai Bhadrashankar Bhatt.

[Manoobhai DoongarshiNote by Vimal Shah: Seth Manoobhai Doongarsi (1906 Karachi – 1996 Mumbai) had started the Gujarati daily Sindh Sevak, which informed the people of the fast changing political developments in the country.]

-The editor of ‘Hitechchhu’ and successful author Bhai Harilal Thakar.

-The Soul of ‘Sharda Mandir’ Shri Mansukhlal Jobanputra.

[Note by Vimal Shah: Mansukhlal Jobanputra, also the school’s principal, generally addressed by the students as ‘Bapuji’, was a close companion of Gandhiji.]

-Successful in reporting any kind of public addresses without missing even a single word, despite not being familiar with short-hand, and the sub-editor of ‘Parsi Sansar’ Bhai Thakarshi Meghji Kothari. Known for his secret donations and peace lover Sheth Bhagwanlal Ranchordas.

-Prepared to serve anyone even at midnight and prepared to visit a poor patient without worrying about the fees for consultation and medicines, and eager for propagation of compassion Dr. Nyalchand Ramji Doshi.

-Happily donating without any hesitation for any kind of charities, and devotee Sheth Ladhabhai (Veeram Ladhawala).

-Expert in curing patients with incurable diseases using Yoga Postures and classical Pranayam exercises and popularly known as the ‘King of Physical Culture’, Bhai Bhupatray M Dave.

-The popular Tennis Champion of Hindustan and winner of hundreds of cups and prizes, Behen Mehru Dubash.

-Very popular among the Aaryasamaj and liberal Pandit Loknath.

-Good contributor to sacrifice for the nation and compassion, Professor Tarachandji Gajra.

Karachi is decorated with the efficiency, services, generosity, and the presence of plenty of such distinguished personalities. Without any doubt anyone would appreciate their distinguished virtues. Such personalities also include:

-Dr. Vishwanath Patil (Dada)

-Exceptional ophthalmologist Dr. Ankleshwaria

-Exceptional scholar of Ayurveda Vaidhyaraj Navalshankar Bhai, and

-The member of Municipality as well as the Legislature Assembly Dr. Popatlal

-Homoeopathic Dr. Tharani

-Aged and glorified Vaidhyaraj Sukharmadas.


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About the contributor of the series of Articles based on the book

Jainism - Vimal Shah - Sindh CourierVimal Shah is a follower of Jainism by birth and is based in Mumbai, India. He is a Computer Engineer and holds a Diploma in Jainology from Mumbai University. He has an immense interest in reading, writing, studying, and teaching Jain Philosophical subjects. He conducts classroom as well as online sessions on Jain Philosophical courses. He continues to study various subjects and remains a student of Jain Philosophy. He has significantly contributed to the Translation Project of the ‘Compendium of Jainism’ from English to Gujarati – an initiative of the JAINA India Foundation. He is also associated with a Project for the translation of Jain Aagams (Scriptures) from Gujarati to English. He has a special interest in the history and preservation of the Jain Heritage in Pakistan. He was part of a Delegation of the Jain Heritage Foundation, New Delhi that visited various Jain Heritage Sites in Pakistan in May-2023.



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