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A Jain Sadhu’s Pilgrimage to Sindh (Part-VI)

A Jain Sadhu’s Pilgrimage to Sindh (Part-VI)
Cover page of the book authored by Jain Sadhu

We conveyed our decision to the deputation of the Sangh. We are prepared to come to Sindh

Cover page of the Jain book
Cover page of the book authored by Jain Sadhu

[Editor’s Note: This is Part 06 (six) of a series of articles based on a pre-partition book named “મારી સિંધ યાત્રા” (“منهنجو سنڌ جو سفر”) in Gujarati authored by Jain Sadhu Shri Vidyavijayji, narrating his experiences of travel and stay in Karachi for about 2 and half a year between 1937 and 1939. It would be advisable to click on Introductory Article and read for better understanding of the series. – Nasir Aijaz, Editor Sindh Courier]

Vimal Shah, Mumbai

The Second Round of Deputation

“The baniyas know how to grab the hand, given fingers. As soon as the eight days timeline of deliberation was over, a deputation of gentlemen – Sheth Waghji Gulabchand, Sheth Kheemchand J. Panachand, Shri Manilal Laherabhai Mehta, Shri Mooljibhai Jeevraj, and Bhai Phoolchand Vardhaman arrived and stood in front of us.”

“I was speechless. My heart cried thinking the Sangh is determined to take us even after passing through so many tests. ‘Why would the Karachi Sangh be insisting so much? Do they have any self-interest in it? No, they just have one reason for their enthusiasm. They want the Sindhi population to take darshan of the sadhus of Mahavir who have renounced the worldly life, cause them to hear the message of non-violence. Take the opportunity of causing them to hear the sermons of Gurus. They want to understand the religious rituals. They are prepared to spend their wealth as dear as life, for this ultimate objective. They are prepared to keep aside their business and livelihood and face all the difficulties, to make sure that the sadhus do not face any difficulty in travel. When the Jain Sangh is prepared to sacrifice so much, should we sadhus not accept their requests?”

Remembrance of the Duty

“We anyways must give sermons wherever we go. Then for a sadhu what is the difference between – Gujarat or Kathiyawad? Sindh or Punjab? Mewad or Marwad? Our duty is to go wherever we see an advantage (spiritual upliftment of the Sangh). It is our duty to do good to others. Bhagwan Mahavir and his disciples have also travelled to alien territories and suffered difficulties. Today’s followers faithfully take care of their Gurus, and make sure that they do not have to suffer any difficulties. What else does a Sadhu have to think (for his needs)? Little alms to calm the appetite, a few robes to cover the body, and three and half cubits of land for sitting and sleeping. If this is what one gets, then what else does a Sadhu – a ‘mast fakeer’ need? There is no adornment of an ascetic in living in places where – you get crowds of followers eager to execute your orders, you get alms of your choice four times a day, you get grand welcome with band-baaja, you get expensive robes and shawls to wear, you get expensive accommodation costing lakhs of rupees, you get to relax and gossip all the time? Where’s the test of your ascetism? Pleasure is where knowledge is tested in debating with intellectuals. Pleasure is where you give the taste of non-violence to the people involved in severe violence. Pleasure is where people who have never heard of Jainism get enchanted with the secrets of Jainism. As compared to these pleasures, the pains of travel cannot be perceived as pains. The fact is pains are meant for an ascetic ever since he renounces his parents, house, family, cast and creed, nation, and costumes. Abstinence of desire is the only penance. And a person becomes an ascetic only for performing that penance.”

“The mind went through a lot of waves of thinking. Honorable brother-sadhus Muniraj Shri Jayantvijayji, Muni Shri Vishalvijayji, Muni Shri Himanshuvijayji, Muni Shri Nipunvijayji, Muni Shri Danvijayji, Muni Shri Jeevvijayji supported and got ready to come along.”


“We conveyed our decision to the deputation of the Sangh.” “We are prepared to come to Sindh.” “Shri Jayantvijayji Maharaj added” “But there’s one condition. You will not insist us to extend our stay beyond one chaturmas.” “The gentlemen replied,” “It is our duty to plead, but since you are respecting the sentiments of our Sangh, ‘We’ will not insist.” “What did the clever gentlemen mean by ‘We’? We came to know only when we asked for the consent to return after staying for one chaturmas in Karachi, that – We’ included only the 5 to 6 gentlemen who had come there; and the rest of the fifteen hundred members of the Sangh had the right to insist like anything.”

It was Saturday, 16th January 1937, Paush Shukla 4, Samvat (V.S.) 1993. At 9:15 am after prayers we seven sadhus departed for Sindh from the Porwad Dharamshala of Shivganj

“We sent our consent to travel towards Sindh to Bhai Chaturbhuj who had announced to go on fasting, in following words.”

A Jain Sadhu the deputation of karachi jain“The notice of going on fasting satyagraha had shaken my heart. After all, the inner feelings of you and the young and old members of the entire Karachi Jain Sangh have won. It has turned around matters like – strong emotions of visiting Palitana (a Jain pilgrimage of prime importance in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat), firmness of all the sadhus not willing to come to Sindh, etc. It is all due to the inner love – emotions – dedication of you all ladies and gentlemen.”

“We have decided to come to Karachi. Will depart on Pausha Shukla 4. We expect to reach Badmer in about a month. You would be pleased to know that Shri Jayantvijayji Maharaj and other fellow sadhus have also decided to come along. In all six to seven sadhus would be coming.”

“You would be knowing that I am not coming for sightseeing of the Karachi city. Nor for getting good alms from good followers like you all. I am coming to Sindh for extending my services, cause you all to hear the message of Bhagwan Mahavir. The success of this objective is largely dependent on all the work being done in a planned and organized manner. We should not forget that this is an era of propaganda.”

“It was Saturday, 16th January 1937, Paush Shukla 4, Samvat (V.S.) 1993. At 9:15 am after prayers we seven Sadhus departed for Sindh from the Porwad Dharamshala of Shivganj taking farewell from fellow Sadhus and the community members.”(Continues)


About the contributor of the series of Articles based on the book

Jainism - Vimal Shah - Sindh CourierVimal Shah is a follower of Jainism by birth and is based in Mumbai, India. He is a Computer Engineer and holds a Diploma in Jainology from Mumbai University. He has immense interest in reading, writing, studying, and teaching Jain Philosophical subjects. He conducts classroom as well as on-line sessions on Jain Philosophical courses. He has created several power point presentations with animation which he uses while teaching and has participated in several Jain Community events to present and explain the relevant subjects to the visiting audience. He has significantly contributed to the translation, reviewing, and editing of the set of books ‘Compendium of Jainism’ of JAINA, USA from English to Gujarati – an initiative of the JAINA India Foundation. He is also associated with a Project for the translation of Jain Aagams (Scriptures) from Gujarati to English and continues to study various subjects and remains a student of Jain Philosophy. He has a special interest in the history and preservation of the Jain Heritage in Pakistan, and is associated with the Jain Heritage Foundation, New Delhi.

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