Indigenous Americans - How the US Stole Thousands of Native American Children

How the US Stole Thousands of Native American Children

The long and brutal history of the US trying to “kill the Indian and save the man” By Ranjani Chakraborty For decades, the US took thousands of Native American children and enrolled them in off-reservation boarding schools. Students were systematically stripped of their languages, customs, and culture. And even though there were accounts of neglect, […]

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Trade and commerce in Sindhu-Saraswati civilisation

Trade and Commerce in Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization

The Vedic literature, written at the banks of Sindhu River, is replete with terms like sreni, puga, gana, and vrata, all denoting various co-operative bodies in ancient Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization. Among these the terms, the word sreni was used in Vedic literature as a form of industrial and mercantile organization which played a big part in […]

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Freedom Fighter Udesingh Sodho Remembered - Sindh Courier

Freedom Fighter Udesingh Sodho Remembered

Rajput warrior Udesingh valiantly fought with British colonial forces in Nagarparkar area for liberation of Sindh motherland Speakers at a memorial ceremony call for research and rewriting the history of freedom wars and the warriors neglected so far by the historians    By GR Junejo Mithi: Udhesingh Sodho, a young freedom fighter, who valiantly fought […]

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Newspaper Report on killings in Lahore in 1947

When a Sindhi jeweler’s home was occupied in Lahore

Once a wealthy jeweler from Hyderabad, Sindh, had a flourishing business and real estate in Lahore, but the bloody partition turned him into a penniless refugee who had to flee with his family from the carnage. After partition, he returned from Bombay but found his shop sealed and home occupied. Melwani Lavina In my family […]

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Article from the August 22, 1973 issue of The Honolulu Advertiser written by Laurel Murphy, which describes the life story of Jhamandas Watumull and the Watumull business.

A Sindhi who built an Empire in Hawaii

A profile of the Watumulls of Hawaii, a Sindhi family that moved to Honolulu 106 years ago and is now among the island’s most prominent clans. The son of a brick contractor in Hyderabad, Sindh, Jhamandas Watumull first migrated to Manila, Philippines after an accident left his father significantly debilitated. Jhamandas stayed with an older […]

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Jagat Seths – Rajasthan’s Jain Marwari Seths who reigned India and Bengal as the financial Tsars

This is the story of rise and fall of Marwari Seth dynasty, which had been bestowed with title of ‘Jagat Seth’ (Banker of the World), by the Emperor Mahmud Shah. The Marwari Seths served as financiers not only to the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and his successors but also granted loans to the East India Company.        […]

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