Newspaper Report on killings in Lahore in 1947

When a Sindhi jeweler’s home was occupied in Lahore

Once a wealthy jeweler from Hyderabad, Sindh, had a flourishing business and real estate in Lahore, but the bloody partition turned him into a penniless refugee who had to flee with his family from the carnage. After partition, he returned from Bombay but found his shop sealed and home occupied. Melwani Lavina In my family […]

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Article from the August 22, 1973 issue of The Honolulu Advertiser written by Laurel Murphy, which describes the life story of Jhamandas Watumull and the Watumull business.

A Sindhi who built an Empire in Hawaii

A profile of the Watumulls of Hawaii, a Sindhi family that moved to Honolulu 106 years ago and is now among the island’s most prominent clans. The son of a brick contractor in Hyderabad, Sindh, Jhamandas Watumull first migrated to Manila, Philippines after an accident left his father significantly debilitated. Jhamandas stayed with an older […]

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Jagat Seths – Rajasthan’s Jain Marwari Seths who reigned India and Bengal as the financial Tsars

This is the story of rise and fall of Marwari Seth dynasty, which had been bestowed with title of ‘Jagat Seth’ (Banker of the World), by the Emperor Mahmud Shah. The Marwari Seths served as financiers not only to the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and his successors but also granted loans to the East India Company.        […]

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Freedom fighters: The inspiring story of a Sindhi woman, Kala Shahani and her husband Shanti

Their home was a hub of activities of the freedom movement. Kala took charkha classes and Hindi lessons. Unlike her husband Shanti, she did not court arrest. However, she was once arrested and kept in a police lock-up for a day. An excerpt from Saaz Aggarwal’s ‘The Amils of Sindh’ Kala Shahani was born in […]

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Freedom fighters and ticket checkers: The trail-blazing women of pre-Partition Sindh

Education and an enterprising spirit helped women from the community find their own feet. Saaz Aggarwal They were doctors. They were lawyers. They ran family stores and worked in government offices. Over the past few years, through the course of my research on Sindhi Hindus, I’ve been delighted to listen to the stories of how […]

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How and why Romanians fought against the Soviets in WWII

The Romanians, who in the 1910s significantly expanded the borders of their state at the expense of weakened neighbors, were quite happy with the status quo. However, the USSR, Hungary and Bulgaria, which had strengthened by the 1930s, had too many territorial claims to ‘Greater Romania’ to leave everything as it was. The Germans took […]

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