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Corruption: Mother of All Evils

In Pakistan, corruption exists in each and every domain.

The corruption has resulted increase in poverty and hunger, and the gap between rich and poor is increasing day by day.

Corruption is a slow poison which destroys the constitution, society and economy of developing countries. In Pakistan, corruption exists in each and every domain from government and judiciary to police, health, education sectors and many more. It has exploited Pakistan completely and is resulting in increase in poverty, hunger, dishonesty and frauds with each passing day. Due to this duplicity, gap between rich and poor is increasing day by day as people take advantage of the available opportunities. Hence, it is paid by the poor. Furthermore, it is no exaggeration to say that almost all of the political leaders of Pakistan are indulged in corruption. Even the anti-corruption institutions like National Accountability Bureau and provincial Anti-Corruption Departments are involved in corruption. Indeed, it is a phenomenon that causes devastation of any nation. It is the responsibility of every individual to raise voice and work jointly exert pressure on authorities to make Pakistan a corruption free state. Corruption will prevail in the society until deserving people are not given their rights. This is not the Pakistan that our forefathers dreamt of. That’s why: Say No to Corruption!

Aasia Channa

Mirpur Mathelo, Ghotki, Sindh

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