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Economic Crisis: Appeal to politicians to play a key role

Economic Crisis: Appeal to politicians to play a key role
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Stop fighting and lift up the economy of country because it’s on the last leg.

The country is about to bankrupt. We are left with just $6.7bn dollars in foreign exchange reserves. Stock market is going down day by day. Companies are shutting down their productions like recently Toyota has shut down its production. Reportedly, some other automobile manufacturers have also halted the production. There are also more companies which are closed now a days for example Airlift, Vava cars etc.

In this whole critical economic condition, a tug of war continues among the politicians. The politicians are still threatening one another that if you won’t announce elections, they will dissolve assemblies of Punjab and K.P.K rather than working together to improve economic condition.

I hereby appeal to the politicians to play a key role to lift up the economy because it’s on the last leg.

Ghulam Muttaqa Shah

Sukkur IBA University, Miani Road, Sukkur


Acknowledge the Importance of Female Education

Is a human complete without being educated? Education is a main source to live life, which is basic right of both male and female. But our society is not accepting females to get education. Females are struggling against the harmful social norms and gender discrimination, which also lead them to start “Aurat march” campaign against our society, to get their fundamental rights. The dominancy of male in our society is like a strong wall behind the efforts of women, that’s why their rights are denied. If every women will get basic education it can brought many changes in our society which include: rapid increase in literacy rate, improvement in human development, and this curse like gender discrimination can be abolished. To end up, if our society can acknowledge the efforts of women, and sparking nationwide debates about the rights of women, which are entitled. Thus, a women can also get their equivalent rights and can lead our nation to the way of development.

Zubair Ahmed Ghumro

Sukkur IBA University



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