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Don’t wait for govt. jobs, start own small business

Don’t wait for govt. jobs, start own small business
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  • In the education sector floods leave a trail of destruction
  • Unemployment is one of the serious issues of Pakistan
  • Millions of children are facing the worst hunger crisis
  • We all must take oath to protect natural environment

Some people know from an early age they were meant to own their own business. Others find themselves starting a business due to life changes (parenthood, retirement, losing a job, etc.). Others may be employed, but are wondering whether the role of business owner is right for them. There are a number of benefits to starting a business, but there are also risks that should be evaluated.

When you start a business and are self-employed, you are your own boss and ultimately control your own destiny.

Whether you view starting a business as an economic necessity or a way to make some additional income, you might find it generates a new source of income.

Business is advantageous than any other jobs because you can take decision of the gain and loss and you don’t have any boss to answer to. So the solely, the business belongs to you and with a good business model you can earn quite a good amount of money which you can’t doing any government jobs.

Khushboo Samo

Karachi Sindh


Effects of floods on education                         

In the education sector flood leave a trail of destruction which may result in children’s education getting to a level where it cannot be salvaged. The schooling may be cancelled, children may drop out of school and absenteeism may occur if school building are used as relief centers.

What is the main effect of a disaster on education?

Following damage repair to school and infrastructure tend to be slow and delayed. The research has shown an overall reduction in attainment, lower academic performance and higher rates of absenteeism among children who have experienced climate shock.

How can school prevent floods?

Consider purchasing an inflatable flood barrier that can easily be placed around campus during flood season to keep damaging waters from entering the building.

What are solution for flood?

Flood control infrastructure such as levees dams, seawalls and tide gets work as physical barriers to parent rising or running water from causing flooding. Other measures such as pumping station and channels help reduce flooding.

Parveen Abro

Karachi Sindh


Unemployment in Pakistan

Unemployment is one of the serious issues of Pakistan. The dimension of joblessness is climbing the financial arrangement of the nation. The pace of development is moderate while the yield of general training organizations is the significant reason of educated young men’s unemployment.

Technical, professional and vocational institutions are limited in number. The investors have their money to different nations and the work in the private sector totally halted for a long time. In such a situation, the higher development rate of population is also one of the real cause of joblessness. The Populace has surpassed the ideal dimension. The assets of the nation are constrained. Business cannot be given to the expanding work drive while the provincial territories had grown dim by the machine Made merchandise.

Umar Mumtaz Soomro

Karachi Sindh


Unemployment fears

Unemployment is a situation in which skilled people wanted to do a job but cannot find a proper job due to so many reasons. This a very serious issue all over the world. There are thousands of people out there who do not have employment. The problem of unemployment is major in Pakistan because of the growing population and demand for jobs. If we neglect this problem then it will be going to become the reason for the destruction of the nation. There are various types of unemployment such as disguised unemployment, seasonal unemployment, technological unemployment, structural unemployment etc. The biggest reason for unemployment is the vast population which demands a large number of jobs every year in which the government and authorities are not able to provide. If things will go on like this then unemployment will become a major issue all over the world, as a result, all this will eventually lead to the doom of the nation.

Mubeen Narejo

Karachi Sindh


Food crisis threat to the world

Today, millions of children are facing the worst hunger crisis that the world has seen in decades. Forty-five million people are close to starvation right now – facing famine or famine-like conditions – with children and women hit the hardest.

COVID-19 caused a sharp rise in poverty and inequality globally, as lockdowns devastated family livelihoods. In many countries, pandemic restrictions also meant disruption to food supplies, slowing remittances from family overseas and the halting of school meal programs. Steep rises in food prices are also creating immense strain on household budgets, with the poorest families hardest hit.

Conflict is the biggest cause of hunger globally, and is responsible for 65% of the people facing acute food insecurity.

Climate change has contributed to food insecurity by changing weather patterns such as rainfall, increased climatic shocks such as hurricanes, cyclones, floods and droughts which all have an impact on harvests.

Inflation and economic shocks has impacted the access to food for many people. Even if food is available, for many people it is too expensive to buy reducing people’s access to food.

We can’t afford to wait until more countries reach emergency levels of food insecurity. Children are already dying from hunger. The time to act is now – there shouldn’t be any further delay. Governments and donors must supply funding for food, nutrition, protection, education and livelihood support. Food distributions and cash transfers must be scaled up to reach those in dire need.

Bisma Narejo

Karachi Sindh



We all are familiar with the environmental issue. It surrounds us naturally and affects our daily lives on the earth. Everything comes under an environment – the air which we breathe every moment, the water which we use for our daily routine, plants, animals and other living things etc. around us. An environment is called healthy environment when natural cycle goes side by side without any disturbance. Any type of disturbance in the nature’s balance affects the environment totally which ruins the human lives. Now, in the era of advance living standard of the human being, our environment is getting affected to a great extent by the means of air pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, water pollution, soil pollution, acid rain and other dangerous disasters created by the human beings through technological advancement. We all must take an oath together to protect our natural environment to keep it safe as usual forever.

Noor Hussain Brohi

Ratodero Sindh


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