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Dilnura Rahmonova, a poet and story writer from the country known as hub of world heritage sites, shares her two poems.


Dilnura Rahmonova  

Dilnura-Uzbek-Sindh CourierBorn on March 20, 2003 in the village of Madir, Khanka district, Khorezm region, she is a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Philology of Urganch State University. Her poems are published in the anthology “The song of Uzbek homeland” in the American publishing house “Amazon”, “Ezgu so’z” newspaper, “Inja San’at” international electronic magazine, “Teacher” scientific and methodological magazine, Azerbaijan’s “Turkestan” newspaper, on the website kafkazh.com, and her stories were published in the anthology “The voice of Turkce in the world of Uzbek” by “Artshop” publishing house in Turkey. Her poems and stories have been translated into English, Turkish, and Azerbaijani languages. She is the winner of the Glotur life excellence medal of the international scientific magazine Glotur life. She is the author of the poetry collection Bakhtmunchaq. She is member of the international organization “Juntos por las Letras” of Argentina, “Iqra” of Pakistan and “Asih Sasami” of Indonesia, and a member of international organization’s “Creativity Forum For Culture, Arts and Peace” of Egypt.


Our song

I wish I had a song and you were my listener

I wish my days were filled with you day by day.

I wish the melody which was from the sea,

Letting every line be the text of our love.


I wish you could play the tune

You could take a picture of me making love.

If I listened, if you listened, if we cried,

I would like to be happy if you wanted.


When you left, I’d sing you a song

You’d love me twist my lips again.

You’d hug me, missing, remembering,

You’d love me, love me, love me


Yes, it’s true! I am your annoying song,

You love me, I love you.

Remember! Our song is only US

My heart asks for only you.



To hold the arms of my destiny


Find me

Looking at the mountains, even on a rainy way,

Bring a bouquet of tulips.


You are the person the artist drew on my forehead!

Love me with your soul over and over again

My lips are red, the first time you see them,

Bring a hearty white tulip.



We know each other

Maybe a stranger

But fate crossed our paths.

Having smiled from happiness in your hug,

Bring the happiest tulip.


Write one poem

From your heart

Let your words touch my heart.

So much…

Standing proudly in front of the flower holder,

Bring me your life!



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