Many who have kept their eyes shut for a long time may not wish to open them now ANJUM ALTAF…

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Ghalib, Kolkata, Tagore and Urdu Literature

Ghalib stayed in Kolkata for eighteen months. Kolkata’s cultural vibrancy, literary sensibility and cosmic vision had cast a spell on…

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Working Ghalib’s magic to interrogate universal questions and contemporary realities

Kaabe meN jaa bajaeeNge naaquus                Ab to baaNdha hai dayr meN ihraam (We shall blow a conch in the kabaah…

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Thinking with Ghalib: Sharing thoughts of Ghalib with new generation

The range of topics reflects human being, human thought, human wisdom and human position in the vast context of nature.…

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Thinking with Ghalib

These selections, explanations and reflections will bring Indians and Pakistanis closer to Ghalib’s genius and to one another. Thinking with…

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