Traders shut business as govt. fails to drain out rainwater from Mirpurkhas towns

Complete shutter down strike observed in three towns - Tando Jan Muhammad, Jhuddo and Naokot to show solidarity with participants of sit-in.

Sit-in continues since last five days; citizens take out rally in Jhuddo; announce continuing sit-in and protest rallies until restoring the natural water ways of Purran and Hakro rivers.

From Haji Liaquat Qaimkhani

Jhuddo, Sindh

A Complete shutter down strike was observed in three towns of Mirpur Khas on Wednesday to show solidarity with participants of sit-in at Navy Chowk in Shadi Large town who are protesting for draining out the rainwater that has flooded the towns.

The shutter down strike was observed in Tando Jan Muhammad, Jhuddo and Naokot to show solidarity with protesters who have been participating in sit-in for the last five days.

In Jhuddo, the people took out a rally which marched through main roads and bazaars. Ayaz Khoso, Mumtaz Khoso, Haji Fazal Memon and others led the rally. The participants of the protest rally chanted slogans against the government and assembled in front of town committee office where they staged sit-in.

The protesters were also carrying placards inscribed with different demands and slogans.

‘Restore RD-211 and natural ways of water of the Purran and Hakro river’,  ‘ Zareef kharo, resign and leave the office immediately ‘, ‘ Cut from RD-211 is inevitable’ , Restore RD-211 and save four districts from deadly destruction ‘ read some play cards.

Addressing to the protesters, Ayaz Khoso, advocate Mumtaz Khoso ,Haji Fazal Memon, Imran Qaimkhani, Shahid Qaimkhani, and others repeated their demands saying that the sole solution of draining out five – to- seven feet – flood water from Sanghar, Umar Kot, Mirpurkhas and Badin was to restore RD-211 at zero point near Navy Chowk. They further said that until and unless RD-211 is restored, a series of peaceful protests would be continued in all towns of the affected districts. The sit-in, which had entered into the fifth consecutive day at Navy Chowk near Shadi Large, will be continued.


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